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William J. Meath

William J.  Meath

Contact Information

Title: Professor Emeritus
Office: Rm M0201 ChB,
Phone (Office): 86334
E-mail: wmeath@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Theoretical Chemistry. Laser-molecule interactions. Molecular properties, intermolecular forces, and their additivity.

Traditional Research Division:
Theoretical Chemistry


B.Sc., Carleton; Ph.D., Wisconsin



Current work involves studying the dynamical behaviour of the molecular states, and the related absorption spectra, associated with the interaction of one or several lasers with molecules. Of particular interest is the study of the effects of molecular structure, the polarizations, intensities, frequencies, phases, and durations and shapes of laser pulses, the time-delay between laser pulses, the life times of excited molecular states, and intermolecular forces, on single- and multi-photon transitions.

Also of interest are molecular properties, and their additivity, including dipole oscillator strength distributions, polarizabilities, dispersion interaction energies, and interaction parameters characterizing the penetration of matter by charged particles. Some of this information, together with intermolecular charge overlap and electron exchange information, is used to construct reliable intermolecular potential energy surfaces.