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Michael A. Kerr

Michael A. Kerr

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Title: Professor
Office: Rm 219 ChB,
Labs: 211, 213, 217, & 218 ChB
Phone (Office): ext 86354
Phone (Lab): ext 86335

Organic Teaching Division

Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Materials

Chemical Synthesis

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B.Sc. (Waterloo); Ph.D. (University of Hawaii at Manoa)



In my research group we are engaged in the development of new synthetic methods which will be of interest to the chemical community and the application of these methods to the synthesis of natural and unnatural products of biological and medicinal interest. We have gained expertise in 1) the use of ultra-high pressures to promote useful chemical reactions, 2) the Diels-Alder reactions of unusual dienophiles, 3) the synthesis and chemical reactivity of heterocyclic systems, particularly indoles, 4) the chemical synthesis of complex target molecules, particularly alkaloids, 5) the use of donor/acceptor cyclopropanes in organic synthesis and 6) the development of new cycloadditions.


Selected Publications