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David S. Brock

David Brock

Contact Information

Title: Assistant Professor
Office: 1201 MSA 
Phone (Office): ext 86305
E-mail: dbrock8@uwo.ca

Research Areas

Chemical Education: Blended Learning and Flipped Classrooms; Incorporation of Learning Technologies

Inorganic Division


B.Sc. McMaster University, Ph.D. McMaster University



While not currently research active, my research generally focusses around pedagogy. I am interested in examining the effectiveness of different learning styles, methods, and technologies in technical sciences like chemistry, which have been previously proven useful in less technical fields. Effectiveness can be defined in terms of both short term learning gains as well as long term retention and application. Some of the methods that I examine most closely are the use of Blended Learning and the Flipped classroom models of instruction.


Selected Publications