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G. Mike Bancroft

G. Mike Bancroft

Contact Information

Title: Professor Emeritus
Office: Rm 210A ChB,
Phone (Office): (519) 661-4117
Fax: (519) 661-3022
E-mail: gmbancro@uwo.ca

Research Areas

High Resolution Photoelectron Spectroscopy of minerals and glasses using laboratory and synchrotron radiation sources

Traditional Research Division:
Physical & Analytical


B.Sc., M.Sc. (Manitoba), Ph.D., Sc.D. (Cambridge), D.Sc. (Hon) Western Ontario, D.Sc. (Hon) Manitoba, D.Cl. (Hon) St. John’s College, Manitoba



Recent research with H.W. Nesbitt  is centred on high resolution  XPS (X-ray photoelectron Spectroscopy) using laboratory and synchrotron radiation sources to quantify mainly the different types of O species in non-conductor silicate glasses and minerals. The Kratos  XPS in Surface Science Western is being used to obtain high resolution O 1s spectra of these non-conductors at optimal resolutions at 1486 eV; while the novel SXRMB beamline at the Canadian Light Source in Saskatoon is enabling more bulk measurements at  up to 3,500 eV.  These measurements are important to obtain quantitative measurements of the three types of O present in all silicate glasses - bridging O    (Si- O-Si-O) , non-bridging O ( M-O-Si , where M= Na, K. Ca, etc), and "free" oxide (M-O-M), as well as distinguishing different types of BO species. The existence of the "free" oxide in most glasses  is very controversial; but our quantitative measurements show that this species is present at mol% levels in our glasses and many other glasses previously studied using  NMR and Raman spectroscopies. We have also shown that this "free" oxide species is probably the important species for uptake of CO2, H2O, and S in magmas.