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Three Patents Highlighted in WORLDiscoveries’s 2017

The research teams of all three patents were recognized by WORLDiscoveries’s 2017 Vanguard Awards. Congratulations to the graduate students, PDFs and faculty members for this award and achieving this market-readiness milestone.

The Patents are:

Dr. Zhifeng Ding, Mr. Vaccarello & Ms. Amy Tapley: "Methods of a One-pot synthesis of Cu2ZNSnS4 Nanocrystals"

Dr. Paul Ragogna, Mr. Ryan Guterman, Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Gillies, Mr. Chris Corkery & Mr. Bradley Berven: "Anion Exchange Surfaces Utilizing UV-Cured Phosphonium Salts"

Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Gillies & Dr. Solmaz Karamdoust: "Poly(ethylene oxide) Grafted Butyl Rubber"