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Prof. Shoesmith named Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Prof. Dave Shoesmith, along with 7 other Western professors, has been named among the nation’s top scholars in the arts, humanities and sciences by the Royal Society of Canada (RSC).
Founded in 1882, the RSC comprises the Academies of Arts, Humanities and Sciences of Canada. Its mission is to recognize scholarly, research and artistic excellence, to advise governments and organizations, and to promote a culture of knowledge and innovation in Canada and with other national academies around the world.
David Shoesmith is an internationally renowned corrosion chemist. He works toward a solution of a key environmental problem faced by today’s society, i.e., the safe disposal of nuclear waste. His studies are also of fundamental importance for the oil and gas sector, providing a framework for addressing pipeline integrity issues. Shoesmith’s electrochemical and surface analytical techniques, as well as his paradigm-changing modelling approaches have been adopted by countries around the world.
Congratulations, Dave!