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Danielle McRae wins L'Oreal Canada-FCRF award

Congratulations to Danielle McRae (FLL) for receiving the L'Oreal Canada-FCRF award. This award honors the participation of women involved in France-Canada Research Fund cooperative scientific projects that was funded this year in collaboration with Université Paris Sorbonne Universities with Prof. Felidj. Two L'Oreal awardee were selected this year.

Danielle will receive her award at a formal reception at the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science meeting which should take place during the Gender Summit in Montreal this year.

Danielle will also be invited to take part in a mentorship program for young girls in order to share her experience and her passion for science with girls aged 9-14, actions that Danielle is already conducting with passion.

Congratulations Danielle.