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Student Presentation Awards at CSC

Please join us in celebrating graduate student presentation and poster awards at the recent 98th CSC in Ottawa.

Amin Torabi (VNS) has won the Best Oral Presentation Prize in the Computational/Theoretical Chemistry Section for his talk titled "New Structures and Potential Metallization of Diborane at Near-megabar Pressure". Amin will receive a 1-year license for molecular modeling software from the Chemical Computing Group.

Yu (Sherry) Sun (LK) won 1st place in the Analytical poster competition for her poster ‘Softness and Calibration Issues in Travelling Wave Ion Mobility’.

John-Paul Bow (JMB) was awarded the First Place Poster prize in the Inorganic Division at the CSC for his poster ‘Deactivation of a Vinylidene Intermediate by the Cooperative Ligand PtBu2NBn2’.

Yuanjun Lu’s (YH) poster presentation "Solid State NMR Study of the Dynamics of Guest Molecules in Magnesium Formate Metal-organic Framework" was selected to receive an Honorable Mention in the Physcial/Theoretical Division.