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Pam Yakabuskie Awarded Professor J. W. Lorimer Convocation Honour

The Professor J. W. Lorimer Convocation Honour was established in 2009 in honour of the late Professor Emeritus J.W. Lorimer by his first Ph.D. student, Dr. Tom Brydges. Dr. Brydges donated the University of Western Ontario academic regalia consisting of an academic robe as well as a Ph.D. hood and cap. The recognition consists of wearing the academic regalia to convocation as  the most deserving PhD graduate at the spring convocation. A former PhD graduate of this department, Dr. Tom Brydges,  donated the Ph.D. convocation robes to the Department in honor of Professor Emeritus Jack Lorimer. Each convocation, a Ph.D. graduate from our Department will be selected to wear these robes in honor of Jack.

pic of pam

This year, Pamela Yakabuskie has been awarded this honor. Congratulations Pam!

After receiving her honors BSc in Chemistry and Biochemistry, Pam continued her Ph.D. studies at UWO under the guidance of Dr. J.C. Wren, where she studied the influence of ionizing radiation on the chemical kinetics of aqueous systems.  As part of her Ph.D. work, Pam spent a 6-month term at the University of Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory, where she used the Van de Graaff electron accelerator to evaluate water radiolysis behaviour up to supercritical conditions.  Among numerous achievements, Pam was selected as a co-chair for the inaugural Graduate Research Seminar for Radiation Chemistry (held in conjunction with the biennial Gordon Research Conference on Radiation Chemistry), and was presented with the R.E. Jervis Award by the Canadian Nuclear Society for excellence in graduate research and academic achievement in a nuclear related field.  Pam is currently working as a research scientist at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

A sad update about Jack. Professor Emeritus Jack W. Lorimer passed away On February 1, 2015.

Jack joined the Department in 1961 as an assistant professor, "progressed through the ranks" to become a full professor, and retired in 1994 as an emeritus professor.

He was born in Oshawa, Ontario, and obtained his BA (1951), MA(1952) and PhD(l954) from the University of Toronto. He then did postdoctoral work at the University of Leiden, and was an assistant and then associate research officer at the Atlantic Regional Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada, before taking up his appointment at Western. During his career Jack was a visiting professor at Murdoch University, Glasgow University and the University of Southampton, and is a Fellow of The Chemical Institute of Canada, and has had a long time involvement with The Electrochemistry Society and The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). As a teacher at Western Jack taught extensively at the first year level and has taught, at one time or another, all of Western's Physical Chemistry and Statistical Mechanics undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses in his field of research specialization. He developed, or helped to develop, the precursor courses to many of those offered by our department today. Jack is a world class researcher in various areas of Physical Chemistry, for example the thermodynamics of liquids, transport phenomena in membranes, in-eversible thermodynamics, and electrochemistry and has published over sixty publications in these fields as refen-ed to by SciFinder Scholar. He has remained actively involved in research since retirement including continuing his long time commitment and contributions to the IUPAC.

His obit can be found here: