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Francophone Exchange Students Experience Western Chemistry

In Western’s spirit of the importance of global education, the Department of Chemistry hosted 50 grade 5-6 students from two schools from two provinces taking part in cultural and educational exchange. With generous support from the l'Association canadienne d’éducation de language française (ACELF), students from the french first language schools Academie de la Tamise in London and from l’Ecole Marguerite Bourgeoys in Caraquet, New Brunswick are participating in a cross exchange; students from Caraquet visited London from April 23-May 1 and then the students from Tamise travelled to Caraquet from May 6-13.  As part of the program the students from each school partnered as “twins” or “jumeaux”, were welcomed on to the Western campus (whose population is 10 times higher than Caraquet). During the day the students performed an experiment in the first year chemistry laboratories in the Materials Science Building, saw a demonstration at Western’s Glass-blowing Shop and then had an interactive experience with the “Chemistry with a Bang” demonstration hosted by Professors Corrigan and Workentin and Chemistry Outreach Coordinator Sandy Zakaria Holtslag .  Besides being amazed at the beautiful campus, the overwhelming response from the students was  “Qui savait science pourrait être tellement amusant?” or “Who knew science could be so much fun?” We did! Thanks to the department of chemistry and the Faculty of Science’s support of outreach initiatives like this, young students from London and beyond will continue to realize the joy of science, the welcoming environment at Western, and a more global sense of education.

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