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May 2013: Matt Ward receives the 2013 Jack Lorimer Convocation Honour

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Matthew Ward has been awarded the 2013 Jack Lorimer Convocation Honour. Matt did his distinguished Ph.D. studies with T.K. Sham and is currently a postdotoral fellow at Cornell. 

Recently, a former PhD graduate of this department, Dr. Tom Brydges, donated Ph.D. convocation robes to the Department in honor of Professor Emeritus Jack Lorimer.  Each convocation, a Ph.D. graduate from our Department will be selected to wear these robes in honor of Jack. Many congratulations to Matt.

Professor Emeritus J.W. (Jack) Lorimer joined the Department in 1961 as an Assistant Professor, “progressed through the ranks” to become a full professor, and retired in 1994 as an Emeritus Professor. He was born in Oshawa, Ontario, and obtained his B.A. (1951), M.A. (1952) and Ph.D. (1954) from the University of Toronto. He then did postdoctoral work at the University of Leiden, and was an Assistant and then Associate Research Officer at the Atlantic Regional Laboratory of the National Research Council of Canada in God's Country, before taking up his appointment at Western. During his career, Jack was a Visiting Professor at Murdoch University, Glasgow University and the University of Southampton, and is a Fellow of The Chemical Institute of Canada. He has had a long time involvement with The Electrochemistry Society and The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

As a teacher at Western, Jack taught extensively at the first year level and has taught, at one time or another, all of Western’s physical chemistry and statistical mechanics undergraduate courses as well as graduate courses in his field of research specialization. He developed, or helped to develop, the precursor courses to many of those offered by our department today.