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April 2014: 3372G Poster Day

Poster day for Chemistry 3372G is the highlight of our Instrumental Analytical Chemistry course and an opportunity for the students to show-off their knowledge of analytical methods to a mixture of external and internal examiners.

Students, working in pairs, presented a poster related to research and methods in Analytical Chemistry and Surface Science.

24 examiners (from professors to Emeritus professors, industry, high schools) and 70 students packed the Material Science Addition atrium for the event.

Students on poster day

Each pair of students discussed their work with 3 different examiners before heading off for a team photograph and then some snacks and refreshments.

Top poster was awarded to Ryan Maar and Lauren Boxall, while second prize went to Davis Stuart Leong and Connor Kadwell.

Many of the posters are now on display on various poster boards throughout the department.