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2007-2008 News Archives

July 2008: We are pleased to announce that graduate student Jocelyn Tindale won "best poster" at the EUCHEM 2008 conference on ionic liquids. This was the premier international ionic liquids conference for 2008 and was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she was one of the few Canadian representatives.Her poster was titled "Phosphonium Ionic Liquids as Novel Superhydrophobic Materials" and she was the recipient of a book prize "Ionic Liquids in Synthesis" by P. Wasserscheid, T. Welton (eds.), considered to be the "bible" in ionic liquids. Congratulations Jocelyn!!

July 2008: We are delighted to annouce that graduate students Avedis Karadeolian (left, MAK) and Nick Morra (right, BLP) each won one of three awards for the top posters at this year's international Latest Trends in Organic Synthesis conference held Saint Catharines, Ontario. Congratulations Nick and Avedis!

July 2008: Two for Chemistry and Ten for Western! Professors Beth Gillies and François Lagugné-Labarthet have both been awarded an Early Researcher Award. The ERA program aims to help promising, young Ontario researchers build their research teams of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The ultimate goal of the program is to improve Ontario’s ability to attract and retain the best and brightest research talent in high priority economic areas. The University of Western Ontario has the second highest number of Early Researcher Awardees and, in this round, was awarded the highest number of awards across the province.


June 2008: We are pleased to announce that Professor Emeritus Mike Bancroft was awarded an Honorary Degree from his alma mater, the University of Manitoba. Many of you know, Mike is a pioneer in the use of synchrotron radiation. He was a leader in the drive to establish Canada's first synchrotron facility which is located now at the University of Saskatchewan. Congratulations, Mike!

June 2008: We are delighted to annouce that Bo Li was given one of two poster awards from the Macromolecular Science and Engineering Division at last week's Canadian Society for Chemistry conference in Edmonton. Congratulations Bo!

June 2008: We are pleased to announce that Pam Yakabuskie won the undergraduate level competition for the best paper presented at the 2008 Canadian Nuclear Society Student Conference. Borrowing from the organizer's words, "The level of competition was very high this year, with several excellent presentations, but considering the technical content, quality of presentation and the poise of the presenter, yours was judged to be the best." Congratulations, Pam!

June 2008: This year's ASPIRE award winners are David Dodd, Anas Lataifeh, Peter Ko, and Diane Kanas (left to right), and Christine Caputo (not in photo). The award allows graduate students to gain research experience in other countries. This year's winners will respectively be headed to the USA, Japan, Sweden, Germany, and Spain!

May 2008: The Faculty of Science views high quality teaching as the most important part of its mandate in mounting high quality undergraduate programs. Graduate students, working as teaching assistants (TAs), are a vital part this mandate. Dan Breadner (supervised by Prof. Len Luyt) has been awarded a Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award for his contributions to Chem 213a and 223b. In the latter course, Dan directed the work of the many laboratory teaching assistants involved in a class of over 700. Congratulations, Dan!

May 2008: We are pleased to announce that Professor Lars Konermann has been awarded one of NSERC’s one hundred 2008 Discovery Accelerator Supplements (DAS). The DAS program represents a new component of the Discovery Grants Program and aims at providing substantial and timely additional resources to accelerate progress, and maximize the impact of outstanding research programs. Congratulations, Lars, on this wonderful achievement!

April 2008: Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Mojmir Suchy, supervised by Prof. Robert Hudson, has won support from the Ichikizaki Fund for Young Chemists to attend the 20th International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Vienna, Austria. This competitive award recognizes young chemists who are showing unique achievements in basic research by facilitating their participation in international conferences or symposia.

April 2008: We are pleased to announce that graduate student Sarah Pretty (supervised by Prof. Clara Wren) is one of the two winners of the CNS/NA-YGN (Canadian Nuclear Society/North America - Young Generation in Nuclear) Best Paper Contest. The prize is a trip to Interlken, Switzerland to present her paper at the the International Youth Nuclear Congress in September, as well as a one-year membership for the Canadian Nuclear Society.

April 2008: We are pleased to announce that graduate students Paul Rupar (left, supervised by Prof. Kim Baines) and Filip Wojciechowski (right, supervised by Prof. Robert Hudson) are the winners of this year’s Lumsden Graduate Fellowship and the Lumsden Graduate Award, respectively.


April 2008: Two groups in the department have received the 2008 President's Occupational Health and Safety Award. In the first group, Prof. Rob Lipson and Marty Schering (top left and right, respectively) were recognized for their contributions to the construction of the Solvent Dispensing Facility. The second group, Prof. Robert Hudson and Rob Harbottle (bottom left and right), and the members of the safety committee (Beth Gillies, Yang Song, Mark Workentin, Clara Wren, Mike Johansen and Kim Baines), were recognized for the development and implementation of a Risk Manangement Plan.


April 2008: We are pleased to announce that Prof. John Corrigan has been awarded a Faculty of Science Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. John has taught a wide selection of undergraduate chemistry courses and has supervised over 27 undergraduates in fourth-year honors projects or summer positions since he joined Western in 1997. He is dedicated to the development of a modern, appealing introductory course in chemistry as exemplified by the fact that he volunteered to be a member of the First Year Curriculum Reform Committee. Prof. Corrigan is also an active contributor to outreach. Congratulations, John!

April 2008: We are delighted to announce the winner of the 2007 Paul de Mayo Award, Dr. Ian Young (centre), a former student of Prof. Mike Kerr (right). The award honors the top graduate student and includes a medal, cash prize, and a distinguished lectureship. Ian is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps Research Institute, and he returned to Western this month to give an enlightening lecture on the synthesis of a natural product.

April 2008: We are delighted to announce that Prof. François Lagugné-Labarthet has been appointed Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Nanomaterials and Photonics. In addition, the CFI board has approved his CFI infrastructure grant application for an advanced optical imaging laboratory that will be used for the microscopic and spectroscopic characterization of nanomaterials. Congratulations,François!

April 2008: On a brilliant spring day, 27 of our Chem 490 students successfully presented and defended their original research projects, which are a highlight of the Honors Specialization in Chemistry and Chem/Biochem programs. The presentations were well-attended by family and friends. Congratulations to all!

March 2008: We are pleased to announce that two graduate students, Heming He (left) and Pellumb Jakupi (centre), supervised by Prof. Shoesmith (right), were respectively awarded second and third place for their posters at the National Association of Corrosion Engineers conference in New Orleans. This is the most-prestigious international student competition in corrosion science and engineering. Congratulations Heming and PJ!

March 2008: We are pleased to announce that five Chemistry faculty have been named to the University Students' Council 2006-2007 Teaching Honour Roll in recognition of their outstanding performance in teaching during the 2006-2007 academic year. Top left to right: Profs. Roland Haines, Robert Hudson, François Lagugné-Labarthet. Bottom left to right: Profs. Felix Lee and Richard Puddephatt.


March 2008: We are delighted to announce that Prof. Rob Lipson has been awarded a Faculty of Science Distinguished Research Professorship for 2008-2009. The Research Professorship program allows the faculty member to dedicate themselves full-time to a special research opportunity. In Rob's case, he will be able to concentrate on the development of new techniques and applications of MALDI mass spectrometry in collaboration with MDS Sciex.

Congratulations, Rob!

March 2008: We are delighted to announce that Prof. Michael Kerr has been selected for a University of Western Ontario Faculty Scholar Award. These awards were established to provide special recognition to a faculty member who has maintained an excellent record in teaching and research and who is at a critical point in his or her career. In Mike's case, the award is in recognition of his recent outstanding recent achievements in synthetic organic chemistry as well as his outstanding record in the supervision of both undergrad and graduate students. Congratulations, Mike!

March 2008: We are pleased to announce four new promotions in the Department of Chemistry. Profs. James Wisner (left), Oleg Semenikhin (middle left), and Zhifeng Ding (right) have been promoted to Associate Professor, with tenure. Prof. Lars Konermann (middle right) has been promoted to the rank of full Professor. Congratulations!

March 2008: We are delighted to announce that Prof. Rob Lipson has been awarded an Edward G. Pleva Teaching Award, Western's highest teaching award. For more than 20 years, Rob has contributed to improving the study of chemistry at Western. Aside from his passion for teaching and his outstanding student evaluations, during his term as Chair of the department, Rob secured the funds necessary for the renovation of student laboratories and was a substantial contributor to the development of the current undergraduate chemistry modules. Congratulations, Rob!

February 2008: Dr. Chris Kirby, manager of our NMR Facility, has accepted the position of Physical Chemist NMR Specialist at the Crops and Livestock Research Centre (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) in Charlottetown. Congratulations on your new position, and we wish you all the best.

February 2008: We are delighted to announce that Prof. Kim Baines has been appointed for a three year-term as the NSERC Group Chair for Chemistry and Physics, and as a member of the Committee on Grants and Scholarships (COG) representing the Physical Sciences. This appointment comes at a critical time, as NSERC is currently reviewing the structure of the Grant Selection Committee and finding mechanisms for funding major equipment.

Congratulations Kim on this important recognition on the national stage!

January 2008: We are pleased to annouce that graduate students Christine Caputo, Andrew Leduc, and Paul Rupar have been selected to receive the 2004 CSC Conference travel awards in 2008. These rewards were established from the proceeds of the CSC conference in 2004, which was held in London, Ontario.

December 2007: Prof. Richard Puddephatt, an internationally renowned inorganic chemist, has been appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada for his incredible contributions to organometallic chemistry, particularly the chemistry of gold and platinum, as well as for his inspirational leadership of generations of researchers. Presented by the Governor General, the Order of Canada "is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service" to Canada. More details in Western News and the London Free Press. Congratulations, Dick!

December 2007: We are delighted to announce that Profs. James Wisner (left) and Yang Song (right) have each been awarded an Ontario Early Researcher Award. These awards aim to help promising, young Ontario researchers build their research teams of graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. The ultimate goal of the program is to attract to, and retain in, Ontario the best and brightest research talent.


December 2007: Seventeen months after the start of construction, the concrete structure of the Materials Science Addition has been poured, and the construction team is now busy working on the interior and the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems.

December 2007: Prof. Peter Norton, Canada's most-distinguished scientist on surface and interface chemistry, is credited as a collaborator in research that garnered a German scientist, Dr. Gerhard Ertl, the 2007 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on the study of chemical reactions on solid surfaces. Full details are available in Western News.

November 2007: We are delighted to announce that Prof. John Corrigan has been appointed Associate Chair in the Department of Chemistry. John has served on many university committees and brings with him an abundance of administrative leadership. Congratulations, John!

November 2007: Prof. Yining Huang has been renewed as a Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Materials Characterization. Yining's research is directed towards the investigation of inorganic porous materials including zeolites, molecular sieves, pillared lamellar solids and mesoporous materials using a variety of spectroscopic tools including vibrational and solid-state NMR spectroscopy.

November 2007: W are pleased to announce the appointment of Kay Calvin as an full-time instructor in the department. Kay is an award-winning teacher who has been instructing first-year chemistry courses for 6 years on a part time basis. As an Instructor, Kay will be able to make additional contributions to the operation of the department in various administrative roles. Kay will also serve as the Faculty Advisor to the undergraduate chemistry society, the ChemClub.

November 2007: We are delighted to announce that Dr. Keith Griffiths has been appointed Acting Associate Dean in the Faculty of Science for the period December 2007 to June 2008. Keith has served as Associate Chair of Chemistry since January 2005 and also on numerous committees at the departmental, faculty, and university levels. Keith is a most capable addition to the leadership team at the Faculty of Science. Congratulations Keith!

November 2007: The Department of Chemistry celebrated the recent achievements of six faculty. Shown below, left to right: Prof. Nick Payne, retirement; Prof. Mel Usselman, winner of an inaugural Leadership in Faculty Teaching Award from the Government of Ontario; Prof. Mike Bancroft, special issue of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry in his honour; Prof. Roland Haines, awarded this year's Dean's Special Award of Merit; Prof. Peter Guthrie, winner of the 2008 R. U. Lemieux Award; and Prof. Peter Norton, elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.

October 2007: The Department of Chemistry hosted its annual Halloween Lunch. Dr. Kohei Tamao, the distinguished 3M Lecturer, was our special guest.

Photos by Darlene MacDonald and Anna Vandendries-Barr

October 2007: We are delighted to announce that Prof. Peter Guthrie is the winner of the 2008 R. U. Lemieux Award. This award is presented by the Canadian Society for Chemistry in recognition of an organic chemist who has made a distinguished contribution to any area of organic chemistry while working in Canada.

October 2007: A year ago, construction of the Materials Science Addition commenced, and much progress has been made to date. Nestled between the Chemistry Building and the Biological and Geological Sciences Building, it will house new first-year chemistry and physics laboratories, offices for the ChemClub and the Science Students' Council, the NMR facility, and research labs. We are looking forward to the Grand Opening in 2008.

October 2007: Two graduate students of Dr. David Shoesmith, Derrick Ofori and Michael Broczkowski, were respectively awarded first and third prizes for their posters at the Canadian Electrochemical Society / National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE International) Northern Area Eastern Conference held in Ottawa.

September 2007: Yuerong Li, a graduate student supervised by Dr. Peter Norton, has been selected as this year's recipient of the Dr. Joseph Soltys Graduate Award in Chemistry. The award was as established by Mrs. Judith Soltys and others, in memory of Dr. Joe Soltys (BSc ’63, PhD ’69), through Foundation Western.

August 2007: Brian Boys, a graduate student in the group of Dr. Lars Konermann, received a $2000 Travel Award from the Canadian Society for Mass Spectrometry, which will allow him to attend this year's Tandem MS Conference at Lake Louise.

August 2007: Alumnus Dr. Nicholas J. Mosey ("Nick") was awarded a NSERC doctoral prize in 2007 for his graduate work with Prof. Tom Woo.

July 2007: The Department of Chemistry held its annual departmental picnic and golf tournament. Both events were well-attended by students, staff, and faculty, and provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to mingle and have fun outdoors.

July 2007: Canada’s first dedicated neutron reflectometer is now available to Canadian and international scientists, thanks to the efforts of a broad-based partnership led by Dr. Jamie Noël and Prof. David Shoesmith.

July 2007: Dr. Kagan Kerman, a research scientist working with Prof. Bernie Kraatz, has been awarded a prestigious Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. These fellowships are to provide outstanding scientists the opportunity to perform research at Ontario’s research institutions. Congratulations, Kagan!