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2004-2005 News Archives

June 21: I am thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Turner received a (cash!) award for "Best Talk" in the symposium on Solid-State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials at the Materials Research Society meeting in Boston, MA. ...Prof. John Corrigan

June 16: Congratulations to Cheng Lu, working with Prof. Rob Lipson, who has been awarded an honorable mention in the Physical, Theoretical and Computational Division graduate student oral presentation competition for his presentation at the Canadian Chemistry Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. An announcement of the award has been posted on the conference website at

June 11: Congratulations to Andrew Dambenieks and Joanne Moszynski (supervised by Prof. Hudson) who won awards for their presentations in the Bio/Med Division at the 88th CSC conference is Saskatoon.

June 7: Natasha Patrito (Supervised by Profs. Norton and Petersen has won the 1st prize of Graduate Presentation, Analytical Chemistry Division, at the CSC conference last week. (20 students participated in the competition).

June 3: I would like to acknowledge the performance of my students at recent conferences. Jared Smith's poster entitled "Development of Corrosion Models for Copper Nuclear Waste Containers" won second prize in the International Association of Engineers (NACE) annual student poster competition in Houston, TX. Woo-Jae Cheong's poster entitled "Protective Coatings on Magnesium AZ91D Alloy - The Effect of Electroless Nickel Bath Stabilizers" won first prize at the Electrochemical Society Meeting in Quebec City.

Both these awards were achieved in the face of international competition from the best labs in North America and Europe, and some from Asia. There were approximately 50 posters at the Houston meeting and 70 at the Quebec City meeting. Congratulations Jared and Woo-Jae!... Prof. Dave Shoesmith.

May 18: We are pleased to announce that Mr. Woo-Jae Cheong was been awarded a Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award. Congratulation Woo-Jae and thank you for your important help towards providing quality undergraduate Chemistry programs here at Western.

May 11: Dear all, I am really pleased to announce that Professor John Corrigan has been awarded this year's Award of Excellence, Outreach and Recruitment by the Faculty the Science. Congratulations John on this well deserved recognition for your contributions to this very important departmental activity. Rob Lipson

In addition, Professor Lars Konermann has been selected as one of two winners of a Faculty of Science Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching for 2004/2005. In some ways this is only a half award as Lars is a superb teacher at the graduate level as well. Congratulations Lars on this most deserved recognition!

May 5: I am pleased to welcome (back) Ms. Laurie Harnick (soon to be Dr. Harnick) to the department. Laurie used to be one of two departmental glassblower before she fell victim to graduate studies in English here at Western. Although her Ph.D. defense is looming Laurie has graciously agreed to assist us in glassblowing in the short term until we have a permanent solution... Rob Lipson

May 3: The Scholarships Committee is delighted to announce that Dr. Mark Nicholls has won the Paul de Mayo Prize for 2004. Mark worked with Profs. Mike Bancroft and Peter Norton between 1999 and 2004 on the action of anti-wear films using assorted synchrotron-based techniques to probe surfaces. He has published a large number of paper in this area. Mark is currently working at Dofasco in Hamilton. The award lecture is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

May 2: The Electronics Shop is pleased to announce the hiring of Jon Aukema for a one year contract starting today. Jon, better known as "Little Jon" has worked as a co- op student for us in the past and has, as of last month, graduated from Fanshawe College. He comes to us now as a fully qualified Electronics Engineering Technologist. Our ability to support the Department will most certainly be improved by adding Jon to our ranks. Warren Lindsey.

May 2: The scholarships committee is delighted to announce that the following have been awarded 1 year of support from the Ontario Graduate Scholarship in Science & Technology:

April 23: New Chair for the Department of Chemsitry Annouced

Subject to the approval of the Board of Governors, I am very pleased to inform you that Dr. Kim Baines has agreed to serve as Chair of the Department of Chemistry for the period July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2010. Although Kim’s formal appointment will begin on July 1 st , there will be a three month transitional period. During the period July 1, 2005 - September 30, 2005 , Kim will be relieved of the Chair responsibilities so that she can deal with pending commitments. Rob Lipson has kindly agreed to be the Acting Chair during this period, and he will be handling the normal duties of the departmental Chair.

At this time I would like to thank the members of the Selection Committee and the external reviewers for their assistance and contributions during the entire selection process. Their efforts have been very much appreciated.

IMAGE Roland A. Haines, Acting Dean Faculty of Science

April 14: I am pleased to announce that Gavin Pereira is a winner of the Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate Award for the 2004-05 year. Congratulations, Gavin! Prof. Yining Huang, Chair of the Graduate Education Committee.

April 8: Congratulations to the OGS award winners:

April 7: Dear all, I am writing to announce that Professor Mike Bancroft has decided to take early retirement this June 30, 2005. Mike has been with the Chemistry department for 33 years. His influence has been profound as one our star researchers and as Chair of the department from 1986 to 1995. He did a lot to build up our capabilities in that time. His research accomplishments on the national and international stage have been nothing short of amazing, and he has been recognized with almost every Chemistry and Science award this university and country can bestow. Perhaps his most enduring legacy will be the Canadian Light Source synchrotron in Saskatoon; a facility Mike fought for for several decades. Recall he was presented a few years ago with the Order of Canada for this service. Although Mike is retiring he will not disappear. He will continue to run a small group of 2 or 3 post docs at Western for a few more years. He is also working with Earth Sciences to develop a Liberal Science program for the Faculty of Science. On behalf of the department I want to thank you Mike for all you have done for Chemistry, and wish you all the best for your future endeavors.... Rob Lipson.

April 4: Congratulations to our current and former students for winning NSERC scholarship support:

The scholarship committee

March 27: I am most pleased to announce that following Chemistry Undergraduate Technical Staff Members: Susan England, Doug Hairsine, Robin Hall, Ron Maslen, Lesley Tchorek, and Sandy Zakaria Holtslag have been collectively awarded a Occupational Health and Safety Award by the University for their efforts to provide a lab environment that is safe, fun and educational for the many undergraduates which pass through our building. They will be presented this award at 4th Annual Occupational Health & Safety Recognition Awards which will be held this April 6th from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm, Great Hall, Somerville House. I can not think of a more deserving group for this distinction. Well done! RHL

March 24: It is my sincere pleasure to announce that Professor T. K. Sham has been selected to receive one of two 2005-06 Distinguished Research Professorships in Science. He intends to use this opportunity to bring develop various beamlines at the Canadian Light Source. Congratulations T. K. on this distinction. It is very much deserved! RHL

March 19: Our 490 students are to be congratulated for their participation and great achievement at the 33 rd South Ontario Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC) that took place at the University of Toronto Saturday, March 19. They made 29 of 84 total oral presentations and won seven prizes, including 4 top prizes....T.K. Sham.

Here are the prize winners (supervisor)

Analytical and Environmental

Bradley Payne (McIntyte) 1st prize
Lindsey Fiddes (Lipson) 2d prize
Lina Shaar (Yeung) honorary mentioned


Jennifer Hickey (Hunter/Hudson) 1 st prize

Materials and Polymer

Swanda Chaing (Petersen/Norton) 1 st prize
Sean McClure (Ding) 2 nd prize


James Longstaffe(Huang) 1 st Prize

March 8: I am delighted (but not surprised) that Professor Mel Usselman was selected to be one of this year's recipients of the Bank of Nova Scotia, University of Western Ontario Alumni Association and University Students' Council Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. For those who do not know, to be considered for this award you must be nominated by your class, and the selection process is done by (I believe) the Student Council. This award is a true accolade as it comes from the undergraduates themselves. Congratulations Mel on this most deserved distinction! RHL

March 3: I am very pleased to announce that the Science Student Levy Allocation Committee of the Science Students' Council was very generous to Chemistry this year. They have funded the purchase of 70 VWR Long stem ultra 4354 digital thermometers, 2 Cary 50 Biochem UV-VIS spectrophotometers, and the Cary WIN UV version 3.0 Biosoftware. The total value of these purchases is $27,441.00. On behalf of the department I want to thank Erin Nadeau, President of the Science Student's Council and Chair of the Allocation Committee, and the other members of the Council for this generous investment in our undergraduate program. Our mandate is to deliver quality undergraduate chemistry education here at Western. The on-going help provided by the Science Student Council will allow us to do just that.

In lieu of plaques, the Council has asked that the faculty remind students at the beginning of each term of the many items supplied through the Science Students' Levy. Thanks. RHL

February 11: It is my sincere pleasure to announce that Kay Calvin has been selected to receive this year's Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty. Congratulations Kay on winning this award. It is a most highly deserved acknowledgment! RHL

January 20: I am truly delighted to announce that Professor Yining Huang has been awarded the 2005 Florence Bucke Science Prize by the Faculty of Science. Please mark you calendars for Thursday April 7, 2005 when Yining will present a public lecture on his work. Congratulations Yining on this most deserved recognition of your research prowess! RHL

January 11: It is my pleasure to announce that Rob Lipson has been selected to receive the London Convention Centre Ambassador Award. The award is given to Londoners who have been influential in attracting conferences that have significantly contributed to our local economy. Please join me in congratulating him on this recognition by the community! KMB

January 5: I am delighted to announce, on behalf of the scholarship committee, that Dr Dana Eisler, formerly a student of Dick Puddephatt, has won the Paul de Mayo Prize for the best PhD thesis in 2003. Dana will visit the department in March or April to give his lecture, Martin Stillman

December 16: Dear all, I am writing this note before everyone evaporates for the holidays to thank Professor Phil Dean for his long time service as Associate Chair of the Chemistry department. Phil has been in the job for seven years, serving with Nils Petersen, Duncan Hunter, and myself, and if that isn't onerous service then I don't know what is. Recently Phil has been a key person in getting our new curriculum through, and providing advice on undergraduate matters; as just one example, convincing the university for the need for the new undergraduate organic lab in the Chemistry Addition. And I know he has done much more than that! On behalf the department I want to thank you Phil for all that you have done for Chemistry! We all wish you success and minimal stress as you prepare to take on your new position as Associate Dean of Science (Academic) in January....RHL.

December 11: Professor Ron Martin is the winner of the 2005 CIC Union Carbide Medal of the Chemical Institute of Canada. This award is given as a mark of recognition to a person who has made outstanding contribution to education in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering. Congratulations to Ron on for this well earned recognition of your teaching prowess!

December 10: I am delighted to announce that Professor Clara Wren has been awarded a 5-year NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Radio-iodine Chemistry. This represents the culmination of a multi-year effort by Clara and UWO, and is great news for her, the Chemistry department and the Faculty of Science. Congratulations Clara on this most notable distinction! .... Rob Lipson

December 3: I am delighted to announce that Stella Constas and Tom Woo have both been promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure. I am equally delighted to announce that Mike Kerr, Mel Usselman, and Mark Workentin have each been promoted to Full Professor. Congratulations to all five recipients. Each and every one of these promotions is completely deserved, and worth celebrating....Rob Lipson.

November 19: We are delighted to announce that Professor Peter Guthrie has been awarded the 2005 CIC Medal of the Chemical Institute of Canada. This award was first administered by CIC in 1951, and is given as a mark of distinction and recognition to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the science of chemistry or chemical engineering in Canada. Congratulations Peter on this most deserved recognition!

November 12: We are delighted to announce that the following have won the prestigious Christian Sivertz Prize ($2,500 each) in the Department of Chemistry for best overall performance in Physical Chemistry graduate courses in the year to August, 2004. Congratulations go to: Li Yan, supervisor Professor Dave Shoesmith; Andrew Grosvenor, supervised by Professor Stewart McIntyre; and Jared Smith, supervisor Dave Shoesmith.

October 19: Congratulations to Professor Clara Wren who has been awarded a CFI New Opportunities Grant where the CFI component alone is $295,035! Congratulations Clara on such wonderful start to your academic career here at UWO!

October 7: Congratulations to Angelica Cornacchio who has been chosen to recieve one of the four $1000 bursaries given out by the UWO Friends of the Garden.

September 20: Professor Rob Lipson has been appointed as joint senior editor of the Canadian Journal of Chemistry, starting in October. Congratulations to Rob on this new title!

September 8: Andrew Leduc, a new graduate student in Professor Mike Kerrs's lab, and one of last year's 490 students, has just won an Alfred Bader Award for his 4th year thesis project. This is quite prestigious since it is a National Competition with only 3 awards given each year. Please join me in congratulating Andrew on this award! - Mike.

September 7: Professor Rob Lipson welcomes Felix Lee to the Chemistry department. Felix has been hired as a sessional lecturer to teach C213a and C223b this academic year. His office is B&G 250. This year Jamie Noel is stepping in to teach C024a and C024b. Thomas Hodgson has also just joined the the department. Thomas is a co-op student from Fanshawe College helping Lesley Tchorek and Ron Maslen out in the undergraduate labs. Thanks to all three for their help this year in mounting our undergraduate program.

August 24: Professor T. K. Sham has won the Education Foundation 2004 Award of Merit of The Federation of Chinese Canadian Professionals (Ontario). The Foundation gives out this award annually to recognize distinguished Chinese Canadians with outstanding achievements in their own fields. Congratulations T. K. on this most deserved recognition!

August 13: Defying the odds that two faculty members from the same department can serve on NSERC, Rob Lipson has been appointed to the NSERC Grant Selection Committee 26 for a three-year term. Kim Baines continues for one more year on GSC 24.

August 11: We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Leo W. M. Lau has agreed to serve as Director of Surface Science Western, initially for a 5 year term beginning September 1, 2005. He has also accepted appointment as Professor in the Department of Chemistry. Leo was a research Scientist at SSW from 1983 to 1992, serving latterly as Assistant Director. He joined the Physics Department at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and served as Chair. He is currently Dean of Science at CUHK.

This is an outstanding appointment for Science and Chemistry here at UWO. Welcome aboard Leo!

July 31: It's a boy !!! We are pleased to announce that Professor John Corrigan and Josee Corrigan welcomed Rian, baby brother to Aodhan, into their family over the weekend. Mom and child are doing fine. Congratulations to Josee and John on this happy occasion!