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2004-2005 News Archives

June 10: Congratulations to Amanda Doherty-Kirby and Chris Kirby on the birth of their daughter Hannah Erin (6 lbs 10 oz).

June 10: We are delighted to announce that Professor Keith Griffiths has agreed to take on the role of Associate Chair of the Department of Chemistry, beginning January, 2005, once Phil Dean becomes Associate Dean. Keith's term will run until June 30, 2008.

June 2: It is our great pleasure to announce that Sonya Clark, a Biochemistry student supervised by Prof. Lars Konermann has been awarded the Collip Medal for 2004, presented to the most outstanding PhD student graduating from one of the Basic Science Graduate Programs. Sonya is also the recipient of the Dr. William Zaharia Award for excellence in the Department of Biochemistry's graduate program. Congratulations, Sonya, on these achievements!

June 2: After years of planning, the 87th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition is officially over. There seems to be little doubt that it was an incredible success; great science and great organization.

At the debriefing meeting the President of the CSC declared that our event was the best CSC conference he has ever attended, and he has been going annually since the early 1970s. There are many local people to thank for their long hours and efforts:

We also thank all the divisional representatives:

Many individuals from UWO also organized symposia within these divisions (in no particular order): Tom Woo, Stella Constas, Zhifeng Ding, Peter Guthrie, Mel Usselman, Martin Stillman, Mike Bancroft, Lars Konermann, Colin Baird, John Corrigan, Mark Workentin, Ken Yeung, Robert Hudson, Paul Charpentier, Mike Kerr, Yining Huang, Peter Norton, James Wisner, Gilles Lajoie, T.K. Sham and Rob Lipson.

We are particularly proud of the graduate and undergraduate students who helped out with registration, AV, etc.

Congratulations to Nick Mosey (supervised by Prof. Tom Woo) for winning an Oral Presentation Award in the Physical/Theoretical Division for his presentation entitled "First Principles Simulations of Zinc Dialkyldithiophosphate Engine Oil Wear Inhibitors", and a Poster Presentation Award for his presentation "Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Pressure Induced Cross-linking in Engine Anti-wear Films".

Congratulations to Jon Goldik (supervised by Prof. David Shoesmith) for winning an Oral Presentation Award in the Physical/Theoretical Division for his presentation "Electrochemical Studies of H2O2 Reduction on SIMFUEL Electrodes".

Congratulations also to Peter (Jianfeng) Zhu (supervised by Yining Huang) for winning the Outstanding Poster Presentation Award in the Symposium "Advances in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" (Inorganic Division). This award is sponsored by Bruker and Varian. The tile of Peter's presentation was "A Solid-State NMR Study of the Adsorption of Toluene in Zeolite Na-Y".

In addition, the following students have received awards in the Organic Division:

June 1: Nils Petersen is leaving UWO to take up a post as Director General of the National Institute of Nanotechnology (NINT) in Alberta. Nils will continue some projects here at Western as an adjunct member of the Department. This change is great news for NRC but sad news for Chemistry. Nils has been an outstanding member of our Department in all areas of teaching, research and service. He has been an exceptional advocate for science at UWO in his role as Chair of the Chemistry Department and more recently as VP (Research). We are much stronger now at UWO than we have ever been, in no small part to his tireless work on our behalf. Thanks, Nils, for all your contributions! We wish you well in your new role. (Also see the story in Western News, and the announcement on the NINT home page). Picture:Nils Petersen, current UWO Vice President (Research), former Chair of Chemistry, and soon-to-be Director General of NINT in Edmonton, AB.

May 28: Welcome Summer Students; Harshan Abeyagoonasekena, Taha Amiralli, Aneta Borecki, Tina Bott, Brian Boys, Jack Brzezinski, Edwin Chau, Marcelo Crespin, Brendan Flowers, Chris Granger, Erin Grundy, Jennifer Hickey, Hayley Holm, Pellumb Jakupi, Josephine Lo, Irina Karagodina,Krysten Hurni, Selay Lam, Edward Lam, Simone Lam, Andrew Leduc, Timothy Leroux, Johnathon Morrison, Thanh Ngu, Laura Pavelka, Laurel Ryan, Robert Sabharwal, Emily Sutherland, Joseph Tse, Binh Van,Kari Ann Van Gorp, Andrea Wallette, Andrew Wallman, Xiaomei Zheng.

May 28: It's a boy !!! We are pleased to announce that Professor Stella Constas had a baby boy yesterday. Mom and child are doing fine. We have no other details at the moment (name, weight etc). Congratulations to Stella and her husband on this happy occasion!

May 25: Congratulations to Michael Ganton, a graduate student in Professor Michael Kerr's group, for being awarded a Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award in recognition of his outstanding contributions as a teaching assistant.

May 6: We are delighted to announce the following graduate student award winners:

1.) Amy Lloyd (working with Professor Dave Shoesmith) was awarded the 2004 Student Award of the Canadian Section of the Electrochemical Society of Canada. She is being recognized for the excellence of her research achievements, highly relevant to key industrial issues, for her future research promise and for her involvement in electrochemical student activities. It should also be noted that she won this award against stiff competition. Congratulations Amy on this great distinction!

2.) Weiping Shi, Jessie Deng and Cheng Lu (all working for Professor Rob Lipson) have each been awarded Sivertz Prizes in Chemistry. These awards go to graduate students in physical chemistry who receive top marks in their graduate courses taken in their first year of registration. These prizes are well deserved! Great work Weiping, Jessie and Cheng!

April 28: Congratulations to Professor Robert Hudson, for winning a CNC/IUPAC Travel Award.

April 27: Congratulations to our OGSST scholarship winners:

April 26: We are pleased to announce that Billy Santos (a graduate student in Professor Dave Shoesmith's lab) has been awarded the R. E. Jervis Award of the Canadian Nuclear Society. Congratulations, Billy, on this fine distinction!

April 15: We are extremely happy to announce that Judith Soltys - wife of the late Dr. Joseph Soltys (BSc 63/PhD 69) - has made a commitment of $75,000 for a graduate student award in Chemistry. This fund will eventually be matched 1:1 by the OSOTF program to create a permanent endowment fund, held at Foundation Western, valued at approximately $150,000. This will support an annual award valued at approximately $6,750/year.

Dr. Soltys held many patents related to mirroring and to applications of reflective coatings for mirrors. He was a prominent international figure in this field.

Many thanks to Paula Popovich, Hallie McClelland, Grant Sterling and Susan Rhuman for their work on this donor agreement.

April 14: We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Clara Wren has joined the faculty as a Full Professor. Clara comes from AECL and is a world authority in the chemistry and kinetics of radioactive iodine in nuclear reactors. She will be setting up an experimental and modeling research program on this subject in the department. Her current office is Rm. 226 and her phone extension is 86339. Clara's email address is .

We are also extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Ragogna has signed on as Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. He is an expert in main group synthetic chemistry and his research program nicely complements the work being done by Dick Puddephatt, John Corrigan, and Nathan Jones. He will not be on site until July 2005, but for anyone wishing to contact him, he will be answering emails sent to .

April 7: We are delighted to announce that Professor Mike Kerr and Mr. Marty Scheiring each received an Occupational Health and Safety Recognition Award for 2004. Mike was recognized for his role on the Hazardous material (Hazmat) Team, while Marty was cited for his work in ChemStores, particularly the bar code tracking system and chemical inventory system. Congratulations Mike and Marty for this distinction. It is great to see our Department recognized externally for postive safety initiatives. For the full story in Western News click here.

April 5: We are very pleased to announce that Duncan Hunter has been appointed as Acting Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Science, for the period September 1, 2004 - August 31, 2006. Congratulations Duncan!

April 3: Congratulations to all our 4th year Chemistry B.Sc. Honors students, who presented their research results at this year's Chem490 day. The talks were all first rate, and the diversity of the projects worked upon was really impressive. You should all feel very proud of your accomplishments. Special thanks go to Stewart McInctyre and Darlene Hagen for organizing this event.

The 2003/2004 Chemistry 490 class.
For additional pictures click here.

April 2 : A group of almost 50 Grade 7/8 students from John Knox Christian School and Waldorf School visited UWO today, and engaged in the following activities:

Many thanks to Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag for organizing this outreach event !!

March 25: Congratulations to Professor David Shoesmith, for being awarded a Distinguished Research Professorship in Science for 2004-05. This is a most deserved distinction !!

March 24: We are pleased to announce that Nick Mosey (supervised by Tom Woo) has been awarded a Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate Fellowship and Woo- Jae Cheong (supervised by David Shoesmith) has been awarded a Robert and Ruth Lumsden Graduate Award in Science. Congratulations to both of you!

March 22: We are delighted to announce that Professor Roland Haines has won the Bank of Nova Scotia, UWO Alumni Association and University' Student's Council Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Congratulations Roland on yet another award recognizing your amazing teaching prowess!

Roland Haines, winner of this year's USC teaching award.

March 20: This weekend, twenty of the Chemistry 490 class traveled to the Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC) at Trent University in Peterborough. This year over eighty papers were given (all orally), and the quality was just wonderful! The students from our Department formed the largest single delegation. They worked very hard on the preparation of their talks and this showed. In the Inorganic Division, Rebecca Jane Schuler (supervised by David Shoesmith) won second prize for her talk entitled" Corrosion Performance of Alloy C22 at High temperatures and in Concentrated Saline Solutions". In the Organic Division, Kevin Noortwyck (supervised by James Wisner) won second prize for his presentation" Second Sphere Coordination as a route to [2]Pseudorotaxanes", and Andrew Leduc (supervised by Mike Kerr) won honourable Mention for his talk "Probing the Diastereoselectivity of a Homo Dipolar Cycloaddition of a Nitrone with a 1,1, Disubstituted Cyclopropane". Finally, Pellumb Jakupi (supervised by David Shoesmith) won second prize in the Physical Chemistry Division for his talk "Analysis of Potential Signals from Passive Metal Alloy Electrodes". Special thanks go to Ken Yeung, our Chem Club coordiator, for making all of the arrangements for this event.

UWO participants of this year's Undergraduate Student Chemistry Conference (SOUSCC).

March 20: As in previous years, Chemistry had the most spectacular display at this Saturday's UWO March Break Open House. Hundreds of prospective students and their parents visited the Chemistry table. Everybody was fascinated by the various highlights of our show, that involved liquid nitrogen, dry ice, frozen bananas and popping balloons. Many thanks to all who helped making this event a success, in particular Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag, James Wisner, Zhifeng Ding, and Lars Konermann.

Prospective UWO Chemistry students enjoying our "Cryogenic Show".

March 12: We are happy to announce that our three requests for funding of undergraduate laboratory equipment through the Science Students Levy Allocation Committee were approved, for a total amount of $26,701. Thanks are due to Susan England and Ron Maslen for digging in and persisting with their requests.

March 9: Great news on the research front! Of the $34.1 M in funding that will be provided to UWO by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), a significant portion will go towards projects involving researchers from our Department. Among the funded projects are the following:

For the full story in Western News click here.

March 8: We are very pleased to announce that Professor Phil Dean will be taking on the role of Associate Dean of Science (Academic), replacing Michael Owen who will be retiring. Phil will begin this important duty in January 2005.

March 5: Congratulations to Gary Shaw, biochemistry professor and Canada Research Chair in Structural Neurobiology (and adjunct professor of Chemistry), for receiving a $ 600,000 CIHR grant to study protein/protein interactions. Gary’s research focuses on understanding Alzheimer’s and Parkinson's diseases to allow for the development of pharmaceuticals for their treatment.

February 26/27: A quick update on our recent Outreach Activities ... this week, more than 20 girls from CAGIS (The Canadian Association of Girls in Science) prepared "slime" and then participated in a very interactive liquid nitrogen/dry ice presentation. Also, a group of Grade 10 students from Saunders Secondary School carried out the Qualitative Analysis Experiment in the first year labs. Special thanks go to Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag, Dr. Kim Baines, Jon Goldik, Jan Mathers, Diane Lacey and Claire McCague for organizing these activities.

February 25: Leslie C. Damude, who is a Senior Science Teacher at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School in London (teaching in both English and French), was one of thirty teachers in the Thames Valley District School Board who, on 17 Feb 2004, received one of the Annual Bishop Townshend Awards for Educator Excellence. These awards are jointly sponsored by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation District 11, the Anglican Diocese of Huron and the Thames Valley District School Board. Teachers are selected for the award for helping students develop in such a rounded fashion that he or she demonstrates excellence in the areas of physical, social, intellectual and spiritual development. Les received both his Hons BSc (1975) and PhD (1980) from this Department, and has spent several short stints as a researcher in the Department since that time, most recently in Summer 2000.

February 13: We are most pleased to announce that Dr. Nathan Jones has accepted our offer to take up a position here at UWO as an Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry. Nathan did his Ph.D. at UBC with Brian James and is currently a post doc with Ron Cavell at the University of Alberta. His expertise is in organometallic synthesis, asymmetric catalysis, and sensor development based on nanoparticles. His appointment begins July 1, 2004.

February 12: We are pleased to announce that Professor Lars Konermann has been appointed as Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Protein Folding and Biological Mass Spectrometry.

February 11: We are delighted to announce that Professor Richard J. Puddephatt has been selected as the recipient of the Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2003-2004. This is UWO's most prestigious award for teaching. Congratulations, Dick, on this most deserved distinction. Click here to read the full story in Western News.

Dick Puddephatt, winner of this year's Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching

February 3: We are proud to announce that Professor Kim Baines has been awarded the UWO Florence Bucke Science Prize for 2004-05. The award ceremony and public lecture will be held on Monday March 29, 2004 at 7:30 pm in 3M3250. Congratulations Kim on this most deserved distinction.

Kim Baines, winner of this year's Florence Bucke Award.

February 3: Congratulations to Professor Mel Usselman, who has been named recipient of the “Liebig-Wöhler-Friendship Award”, which is sponsored by the Wilhelm Lewicki Foundation. Mel is being recognized for his important contributions to the history of Chemistry. This award will officially be announced at the annual conference of the German Society for Chemistry (GDCh) later this year in Göttigen, Germany.

Mel Usselman, winner of this year's "Liebig-Wöhler-Friendship-Award"

January 30: Professor and Chair Rob Lipson has been appointed Deputy Director of the newly founded Western Institute for Nanomaterial Science (WINS). Professor Mike Cottam of the Physics and Astronomy department is the Director. WINS was founded to enhance the visibility of the interdisciplinary research being done in the Faculty of Science on nanomaterials, and is expected to provide a cohesive presence and a collective vision for all the departments who work in this area. The institute will aid efforts on the planning side in terms of coordinating future priorities in nanomaterials research, and in the development of new graduate programs.

January 16: 2nd, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students were invited (once again) to 'quaff' with their Chemistry professors. Beer and pizza were served as usual for this "Quaff with your Prof" event. A number of graduate students were attracted by the smell of free food, and decided to join in. Many thanks to our Chem Club faculty advisors, Profs. James Wisner and Ken Yeung for organizing this event, and to all the volunteers who helped out.

The following 2nd and 3rd Year Prizes/Scholarships were presented by Prof. and Chair Rob Lipson:

Congratulations to all awardees on their superb achievements.

Chair Rob Lipson with Edward Lam, winner of the James D McNabb Scholarship in Chemistry. More pictures of this year's "Quaff with your Prof", are posted on the web site of the Chem Club.

January 15: It gives us great pleasure to announce that the following professors have earned a place on the University Student Council's Teaching Honour Roll for 2002-03: Duncan Hunter, Roland Haines, Tom Woo, Mel Usselman, John Corrigan, and Mark Workentin.

January 6: We are delighted to announce that Anna Vandendries is engaged to be married to Richard Barr. Congratulations to you Anna (and Richard, of course) on this very happy occasion.

December 16: We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Robert Hudson has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure, effective July 1, 2004. Congratulations, Robert, on this achievement!

December 15: Professor Michael Bancroft was inducted as an Officer of the Order of Canada by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson at a ceremony in Rideau Hall in Ottawa Dec. 12.

Bancroft was honoured for his work promoting use of synchrotron radiation in research. He is an internationally renowned researcher in applications of spectroscopy to inorganic chemistry and a leader in synchrotron radiation research and the creation of Canada’s first synchrotron facility in Saskatchewan.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and has won many national and international awards to recognize the importance of his work and its fundamental industrial applications. He was the recipient of the Hellmuth Prize in 1999, Western’s top award for research excellence.

Mike Bancroft and Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada.

The Department has received two sad jolts recently. Brad Kelly, a Dean's Honor List student in year 3 of the Honors Biochemistry and Chemistry Program, was killed on November 3, when he was hit by a train. A large contingent of his class-mates, together with the Chair attended his funeral, which was held in Sudbury later the same week. Dr. Eddy Brecevic was killed in a single-car accident on December 7. Eddy was an alumnus of this Department: he was a Dean's Honor List student in the Honors Chemistry program, starting in Fall 1990 and graduating in Spring 1994. After this, he did an MSc in the Department under the direction of Prof. Sunaina Sharma from Fall 1994-Summer 1996. He started in Medicine at UWO Fall 1997, graduated with his MD in 2001, and was a Third-Year Resident at the London Regional Cancer Centre at the time of his death.

Both Brad and Eddy were well liked and respected by their peers in Chemistry, and by those who taught them. Our sincere condolences are extended to the families and friends of both Brad and Eddy.

December 14: Almost 300 Grade 7/8 students descended upon our Department today, for an exciting day of Science. They watched presentations on polymer chemistry, and they did the all-time-favorite slime experiment. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, in particular Ms. Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag, Dr. Jamie Noel, and Prof. Duncan Hunter.


November 24: We are delighted to announce that Professor Stella Constas has been awarded an NSERC Accelerator Grant for Exceptional New Opportunities (AGENO). This is big money for 4 years, and tough to get. Out of 89 Letters of Intent and a two-phase peer review process, only 15 of the 49 projects invited to submit a full proposal were judged meritorious. Congratulations Stella on this wonderful success!

November 24: Very good news with respect to space in Chemistry. We have received official notification that Chemistry is to get all of one wing on the 2nd floor in B&G (continuing down from Lars Konermann's lab to the very end). This will happen in two stages. We get 3/4 of the space when the North Science Building is complete, (early 2004), and the last 1/4 when the renovations to B&G are complete (timing not that certain yet). Our initial space gain is 2724.3 sq. ft. We will inherit an additional 752.6 sq. ft. after the renovations. Furthermore, we have the opportunity to renovate all the space in B&G to meet any requirements. This will be the first "expansion" of the department since the Chemistry Addition was constructed in the mid 1970s. We owe a debt of thanks to Fred Longstaffe for the courage to make this happen.

November 21: A reception was held today in honour of glass blower Bruce Harwood, who leaves the Chemistry Department after 23 years of service. Bruce is taking up a new position as glass blower at Simon Fraser University. We thank him for all the invaluable contributions that he has made over the years, and we wish him all the best for his new start in Vancouver (see also Nov. 3).

Bruce Harwood.

November 18: The latest Departmental photograph is now available (it was actually taken in September). Click on the picture below to see an enlarged version in a new browser window.


The Chemistry Department in 2003.

November 15: The Cryogenic Show put on by our Department for this year's UWO Fall Preview Day was a great success. Many hundreds of prospective UWO Science students and their parents got to see various tricks involving liquid nitrogen, dry ice, popping balloons, and frozen bananas. Many thanks to all of those who participated and helped out: Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag, Zhifeng Ding, Ron Martin, Phil Dean, Gavin Pereira, and Lars Konermann.

"Mad scientists": Fall Preview Day 2003.

November 3: The 36th Inorganic Discussion Weekend was held at McMaster University 31st Oct - 2nd Nov. The graduate students from the group of Prof. Martin Stillman made a big impression in the Poster Competition judged by the faculty and post docs in attendance. Maria Salgado won an honourable mention with her poster "Differential Cu(I) Binding Specificity to the Individual Domains of Metallothionein"; Kelly Rigby also won an honourable mention with her poster "Mechanism of Metal-Induced Protein Folding From Kinetic and Molecular Dynamics Studies", and Jayna Chan won first place with "Modification of Gold Surfaces by Metallothionein". Congratulations to all who presented their work!

November 3: We are very sorry to announce that our glass blower Bruce Harwood has tendered his resignation. He will be taking up a scientific glass blowing position with Simon Fraser University. Bruce has spent 23 years at UWO and has made many invaluable contributions to the Department. On behalf of the department we want to convey our best wishes to you Bruce, and our profound thanks.

October 28: Professor Mel Usselman gave an invited lecture in Manchester England October 21st on the the occasion of the bicentennial of Dalton's atomic theory. The title of his talk was "A Reconstruction and Analysis of Dalton's Contentious Nitrous Gas Experiments", and his co-author was a former 490 student, Katherine Watson. The conference was hosted by the Society for the History of Chemistry and Alchemy.

October 28: Congratulations to Professor Richard J. Puddephatt, FCIC, for being named Chair of the CIC (Chemical Institute of Canada) for 2003-2004.

Dick Puddephatt, CIC Chair for 2003-2004.

Dick Puddephatt was educated at University College London, graduating with the PhD in chemistry in 1968. He spent two years as a teaching postdoctoral fellow at the University of Western Ontario, and then moved back to the U.K. to join the faculty at the University of Liverpool. He returned to Western as professor of chemistry in 1978.

Dick Puddephatt's research interests are in organometallic chemistry and his honours include the Alcan Award and the E.W.R. Steacie Award of the CSC, the CIC Medal of The Chemical Institute of Canada, the Award for Chemistry of the Noble Metals and the Nyholm Lecture Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Florence Bucke Science Award, the Faculty of Science Research Professorship and the Hellmuth Prize of the University of Western Ontario. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, FRSC, a Fellow of the Royal Society, FRS, and holds a Canada Research Chair in chemistry.

Dick Puddephatt has served on the NSERC Chemistry and Collaborative Grant Selection Committees, the NSERC chemistry steering committee for reallocations, and as chair of the Polanyi Prize Awards Committee. He was editor for inorganic chemistry and is currently senior editor for the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. He has served the CSC as chairman of the inorganic division, director of awards and director for inorganic chemistry.

October 24: This afternoon, a group of ten high school chemistry teachers from the Thames Valley District School Board visited our Department. After an information session on our teaching and research activities, they went on a tour of the X-ray, NMR, mass spectrometry, and computing labs. The feedback that we received was extremely positive. A big THANK YOU to all those who helped out: Mel Usselman, Mike Jennings, Yining Huang, Tom Woo, and Doug Hairsine.

October 21: On behalf of the UWO Department of Chemistry, the ChemClub promoted this year's National Chemistry Week at White Oaks Mall. A "Make-Your-Own-Slime" booth was set up, and nearly 1000 samples of slime were handed out along with many balloons and buttons. In addition, various chemistry tricks using liquid nitrogen and dry ice were performed thought the day. Children as well as adults were amazed to see how much fun Chemistry could be. Thanks to the following ChemClub members for participating: Andrea Wallette, Lindsey Fiddes, Craig Stewart, Terry Lebold, Kevin Vanoortwick, J.P. Morrison, Russ Polack, Mike Edwards, Krysten Hurni and Eva Dias. Special thanks to Ms. Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag for putting the whole show together, and to our Undergraduate Faculty Advisors, Profs. James Wisner and Ken Yeung.

IMAGE - National Chemistry Week: Andrea Wallette with some future UWO Chemistry students.

October 16: Congratulations to Professor Phil Dean on his election to the UWO Senate. He will represent the Faculty of Science for a two year term.

September 30: We are pleased to announce that Lisa Nguyen, a fourth year student in Honors Chemistry, has been awarded a $1000 bursary from the UWO Friends of the Garden. More information about Friends of the Garden can be found at .Congratulations Lisa on this bursary.

September 25: The 2003/2004 University Lecturer in Chemistry is Professor Dieter Fenske, Chair of Inorganic Chemistry, Universität Karlsruhe, Germany Director, Institute for Nanotechnology, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Germany). He presented three fascinating lectures on nanocluster chemistry. A reception in honor of Dr. Fenske was held on the evening of Sept. 23. The 3M lecture series was established in 1962; it is sponsored by 3M Canada. For more information on the 3M lectureship please click here.

IMAGE - Professor Dieter Fenske, 3M Lecturer in Chemistry for 2003/3004.

September 19: The Department of Chemistry represented the UWO Faculty of Science at this year's Homecoming Tent Event. Our "Cryogenic Show" was the clearly the most popular of the many actives offered. The Chemistry Outreach Committee thanks to Sandy Zakaria-Holtslag for making this event a success.

September 18: Tonight's "Quaff with your Prof" was a big success. Many students and professors showed up to enjoy unlimited pizza and BEvERages. For the first time in recorded history, we did not finish all the pizzas and had to ask for help from some of the the grad students! Many thanks to James Wisner and Ken Yeung, as well as all the volunteers from the UWO ChemClub, for organizing this event !

September 3: Several hundred incoming UWO first-year students watched Dylan England and Professor Mike Kerr's "Chemistry Magic Show". This event was certainly one of the highlights of this year's Orientation Week. Thanks, Mike and Dylan, for organizing this event!

IMAGE - Chemistry Magic Show.

August 7: A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year's departmental picnic! The weather was perfect, the conversation was wonderful and the food was delicious. A good time was had by all! We especially want to thank the members of your Social Committee, Anna Vandendries, Bruce Harwood, Keith Griffiths, David Shoesmith, James Wisner and Karen Gagnon for all their hard work and time for selling tickets and helping out where they could. We also thank Sandy McCaw and Darlene Hagen for helping out. Special thanks go to Mark Workentin and John Corrigan for flipping those burgers and dogs, to Phil Dean and Bill Meath for cooking the corn, and to the group of volunteers who husked the corn.


Pictures from the 2003 departmental picnic at Fanshawe Lake.

July 18: Congratulations to Professor T.K. Sham for being named the Chair of the International XAFS Society (IXS) at the 12th International X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (XAFS) Conference held in Malmö, Sweden. For the full story in Western News click here.