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Join us at Western Chemistry

If you are a domestic student considering joining our department for graduate studies we would like to let you know that we are hosting a graduate recruitment weekend,  February 22-24, 2019.

Top successful applicants (residing in North America) will be invited to join us at Western in order to meet with faculty, current graduate students, and other successful applicants to learn about our exciting research opportunities, tour our facilities, and learn more about graduate student life at Western and life in London, Ontario. Financial assistance for travel will be provided and local expenses will be covered (additional information will be included in the invitation letter). To be considered for this opportunity, please ensure that we receive your complete application by Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at the latest. 

Submitting Your Application  - After reading the information, click HERE to submit an application

You must have a research component as part of your degree in order to apply

In order to apply to graduate studies at Western, it is important that you understand the essential elements of the Western graduate school application. No application will be considered until it is complete. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents (e.g., transcripts, letters of recommendation, test results such as TOEFL scores) are submitted by the program’s deadline for application.

Chemistry accepts applications for all 3 terms for DOMESTIC students; January, May, and September. Please use the dates below as guidelines for submitting applications in a timely manner.  International students can only apply for Fall Term admission.  ALL INTERNATIONAL APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED AND A DECISION WILL BE MADE BEFORE APRIL 1ST EACH YEAR.

International applications must be COMPLETE by the deadline below. Documents submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

Deadlines Fall Term Winter Term Summer Term
Master's (Domestic)  Opens Oct 1, 2018, Closes August 14, 2019 Opens May 1, 2018, closes Dec 1, 2018 Opens Oct 1, 2018, closes Apr 15, 2019
Master's (International)  Opens Oct 1, 2018, Closes Feb 26, 2019 N/A N/A
Doctoral (Domestic)  Opens Oct 1, 2018, Closes August 14, 2019 Opens May 1, 2018, closes Dec 1, 2018 Opens Oct 1, 2018, closes Apr 15, 2019
Doctoral (International)  Opens Oct 1, 2018, Closes Feb 26, 2019 N/A N/A

The Application

The application process begins with the receipt of the application along with all application requirements. In order to be considered for admission to our graduate program, the following information must be submitted and on file for consideration in the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by the stated application deadline. These documents become part of Western's files and will not be returned to or copied for the applicant. All documents should be uploaded online at the time of application.

To apply for admission, a completed application must be submitted, providing Western with the following:

Additional Content

Western makes it possible for you to submit your supporting documents in a digital format. This includes an academic record/transcript from each school you note in your Academic History and any additional documents required by the program you are applying to.

Chemistry requires a CV and statement of interest which can be uploaded online during the application process.


Western accepts digital academic records within your application, however, if you are offered admission you are required to provide one official academic transcript* from each post-secondary institution you have attended. These documents should be mailed directly to The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, International & Graduate Affairs Building, M. 1N07, Western University, 1151 Richmond St., London, ON N6A 3K7.

Past or current students of The University of Western do not need to provide transcripts for their academic history at Western. This information will be obtained internally.

Note: Western considers a transcript official only if it is received in a university envelope that is sealed and signed on the flap by the official person in the office issuing the transcript. If the transcript and degree certificate is not in English, a certified translation must also be included. (Non-English transcripts from institutions within Canada do not require a translation.)

All documents and transcripts submitted to The University of Western Ontario become the property of the University and will not be returned.

Electronic References

Once your references have successfully completed the electronic reference form, you will receive confirmation that this has been submitted via e-mail. The electronic reference will be processed at Western centrally and delivered to the program(s) you have applied to in one business day.


Students who have voluntarily withdrawn or who have been withdrawn and wish to complete their program must formally re-apply for admission via our application. Credit for previous work completed must be approved by the program and SGPS.

Admission Decision

Upon Western receiving your application, a confirmation e-mail will be forwarded to you providing you with information regarding your application profile at Western. This information is key to accessing your Western Personal Computer Account. Once you have activated your Computer Account you will be able to log into the Student Center, Western’s portal for student information.

As an applicant, the Western Student Center will allow you to:

For an overview of activation and password requirements associated with your application, please visit Passwords and Access.