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9444 Computer Simulations in Chemistry
9465 Bioanalytical Chemistry
9472 9572A Advanced Analytical Chemistry
9494 Biophysical Chemistry
9503 Advanced NMR Spectroscopy I
9504 Protein Folding
9521 Catalysis
9522 Analytical Separations
9523 Introduction to Supramolecular Chemistry
9531 Molecular Energy Conversion
9532 Analytical Instrumentation
9533 Nucleic Acid Chemistry
9534 Organic Functional Materials
9541 Crystallography I
9544 Mass Spectrometry Fundamentals and Biochemical Applications
9551 The Chemistry of Clusters and Colloids
9553 Mechanistic Organic Chemistry
9554 Molecular Simulations-Modeling
9555 Photochemistry
9557 Topics in Surface Science
9563 Organic Synthesis
9564 Molecular Simulations
9571 Vibrational Spectroscopy
9581 Basics of Solid-state NMR
9583 Genetic Code Expansion
9591 Asymmetric Homogeneous Catalysis
9594 Materials Corrosion Processes
9603 Advanced Applications of NMR Spectroscopy II
9604 Radiation Induced Chemistry
9613 Theory Choice in Chemistry
9621 Bioinorganic Chemistry Methods
9623 Advanced Synthetic Methods
9631 Bioinorganic Chemistry
9641 Crystallography II
9648 Computational Quantum Chemistry
9651 Organometallic Chemistry for Bond Activation
9653 9653 Polymers: Synthesis to Function
9654 Advanced Molecular Simulations
9658 Seminar
9663 Advanced Polymer Chemistry II
9671 Synthesis with Organometallics
9683 Mechanistic Biochemistry
9701 Nanomaterial Architectures
9703 Chemical Biology
9704 A-Solar Energy Conversion
9711 Structure and Bonding (p-block)
9721 Topics in Advanced Main Group Chemistry
9722 Capillary Electrophoresis
9723 Advanced Synthetic Methods II
9724 Materials Analysis Using Synchrotron Radiation
9731 Models and Concepts in Bioinorganic Chemistry
9734 Symmetry in Chemistry
9744 Multiphase Chemical Kinetics
9752 Bio-analytical Chemistry of Small Molecules
9754 Powder Diffraction
9764 Spectroscopy and Microscopy in Materials Research(Probing Materials with Photons)
9823 Heterocycles
9824 Synchrotron II

Course abbreviations:


no suffix Full-course taken in 2 or more terms
A Fall Term
B Winter term 
Y Half-course over two terms
Q First quarter of fall term
R Second quarter of fall term
S First quarter of winter term
T Second quarter of winter term

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