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Past Seminars: 2007 - 2008



Aug. 7 Prof. Shawn Collins, University of Montreal, Quebec
Sept. 12 Prof. Ulrich Fekl, University of Toronto @ Mississauga
Sept. 25 Prof. Heikki Tuononen, University of Jyvaskala, Finland
Sept. 25 Dr. Heather Lord, McMaster University
Sept. 26 Prof. Kathryn Preuss, University of Guelph
Sept. 26 Dr. Mee-Kyung Chung, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Oct. 1 Dr. Andrea Armstrong, McMaster University
Oct. 3 Prof.  S. Holger Eichhorn, University of  Windsor
Oct. 9 Prof. Mary Ann White, Dalhousie University, NS
Oct. 10 Prof. Leonid Brown, University of Guelph
Oct. 15 Dr.  Dennis Curley,  (Bruce Power, Tiverton, Ontario)
Oct. 17 Postponed
Oct. 19 Dr. Amy Lloyd, (Kinectrics Inc., Toronto, Ontario)
Oct. 30 The 3M Distinguished University Lecturer in Chemistry
Nov. 1 Dr. Kohei Tamao, Director of the Frontier Research System of the RIKEN Research Institute in Japan
Nov. 5 Prof. Glen Briand, Mount Allison University, NB
Nov. 7 Prof. Greg Scholes, University of Toronto
Nov. 9 Prof. Aicheng Chen, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay
Nov. 14 Prof. Suning Wang, (Queens; NSERC GSC 24)
Nov. 16 Dr. Frank Lee, Xerox, Inc.
Nov. 19 Dr. Dana Adkinson, Lanxess Inc.
Industrial Speaker in Chemistry
Nov.  21 Prof. Christian Pellerin, University of Montreal
Nov. 28 Prof. Jin Cha, Wayne State
Dec. 5 Prof. Tristram Chivers, University of Calgary
Dec. 14 Cancelled


Jan. 16 Prof. Trevor Levere, University of Toronto
Jan. 23 Prof. Mike Fryzuk, University of British Columbia
Jan. 30 Prof. Marcel Nooijen, University of Waterloo
Feb. 6 Prof. Mitsuo Kira , Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
Feb. 8 Dr. Yi-Tao Long, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, P.R. China
Feb.13 Cancelled
Feb. 20 Postponed 
Feb. 27 Postponed 
Mar. 5 Prof. Deborah Zamble, University of Toronto
Mar. 12 Prof. Suzanne Giorgio, University of Mediterranean, France
Mar. 19 Prof. Sergey Krylov, York University
Mar. 26 Prof. Warren Piers, University of Calgary
Apr. 2 Prof. Federico Rosei, University of Quebec
Apr. 9 Prof. Jeff Keillor (U of Montreal; NSERC)
Apr. 16 WINS Distinguished Lecturer,
Dr. Eli Yablonovitch, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley
Apr. 21 Professor Karen C. Waldron,  Université de Montréal
Apr. 22 Professor Donal H. Macartney, Queen’s University
Award Winner 2007
Dr. Ian S. Young
Apr. 29 Professor Benoit Marsan,  Université du Québec à Montréal
41764 Dr. Michael Brook, McMaster University
Professor Erik  J. Sorensen, Princeton University
May 6 Professor. R. Bruce Lennox, McGill University
May 16  Professor Sajeev Johns, University of Toronto
May 30  Dr. Michael Petryk,  Defence Research & Development Canada – Suffield, Medicine Hat, Alberta