Professors Stillman and Luyt Receive Rapid COVID-19 Funding

The groups of Professors Stillman and Luyt have received initial funding in the battle against COVID-19. Professor Stillman has been awarded a Western Research Catalysis Grant to address the question, "What if the zinc in ACE2 is essential for COVID-19 spike". And Professor Luyt received funding from the Lawson Health Research Institute Internal Research Fund (IRF) COVID-19 Pandemic Response Competition to study "Stapled Peptides as SARS-CoV-2 Fusion Inhibitors".

Congratulations to both and we are all appreciative for your efforts.

As an aside, today (21 May 2020), according to John’s Hopkins, the world stands at just over 5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, Canada has reported 81,575 cases, and the fastest rates of infection are in #2 Russia with 317,554 cases, and #3 Brazil with 291,579 is on course to surpass Russia shortly.

covid-19 count map johns hopkins