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Seniors' Fitness Instructor Certification (SFIC) Renewal


In order to maintain your SFIC certification, the following criteria must be met within two years of the completion date of your certification and every two years thereafter. There are five mandatory and one recommended certification criteria.

Please download the PDF version of the checklist to keep track of your renewal progress offline, and submit this checklist to the CCAA along with your other renewal documents.

Teaching Hours

Complete a minimum of 20 hours of practical teaching in a land-based group fitness class. Record your hours in the  teaching log. This minimum number of teaching hours (20 full classes), must be confirmed with a signature from the program supervisor.

Proof of Current CPR

First Aid is also recommended, but not required for SFIC renewal.

Peer Class Observation

Attend another instructor’s older adult fitness class, WATCH their class and complete the Peer Class Observation Form. The purpose of this component is for you to gain new ideas to implement in your own exercise classes. ** If you live in an area with a less dense population, please contact the CCAA to assist you further**

Continuing Education Credits

Obtain two continuing education credits - ideally one credit per year. Preferably an SFIC refresher course along with one other relevant credit. There are many ways to obtain continuing education credits. Please note that you must provide proof of attendance in the form of an agenda, certificate and/or receipt etc.

Continuing Education Credit Options:

Annual CCAA SFIC Refresher Workshop = 1 Credit

These workshops are provided by SFIC Trainers throughout the year at the CCAA and country-wide to provide:

  • SFIC Updates: new and relevant research findings, best practices and changes in the Seniors' Fitness Instructor program
  • SFIC Review: Brief highlight of key information from the SFIC course
  • Q & A: An opportunity to get your questions answered and network with other instructors

CCAA Annual Research to Action Conference = 1 credit per day

  • This 2-day conference is held annually in June and features a variety of information, engaging speakers, and active workshops
  • Attendance during both days of the annual conference fulfills the entire continuing education credit requirement for the two-year renewal period

CCAA Webinar = 0.5 credit (maximum of 2 webinars per renewal period)

CCAA Leadership Training Workshops = 0.5 Credit for 3+ hours, 1 Credit for 6+ hours (Exception: RCET = 2 credits)

  • Participation in any CCAA course in the two-year renewal period may be used toward your SFIC renewal
  • Please complete the Training Request Form to request or host a course or workshop in your area

Other fitness & aging related workshops, courses, presentations & seminars = 0.5 Credit for 3+ hour workshop/course, 1 Credit for 6+ hour workshop/course

  • These workshops may include activity and/or aging related topics such as, but not limited to, different resources/tools to use in your fitness classes or information on specific age-related special conditions
  • If you are unsure if a workshop, course, presentation and/or seminar will be accepted towards your renewal please contact the Certification Coordinator to discuss further

Pay Renewal Fee

Renewal fee is $50.00 + applicable tax for your province/territory. Updated certificates are released after payment of the renewal fee is received.

  • ON (13%): $56.50
  • BC/MB/SK/AB/QC/NT/NV/YT (5%): $52.50
  • PEI/NB/NS/NL (15%): $57.50

Methods of Payment:


Payable to “Western University – CCAA” and mailed to:
Certification Coordinator
Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
1490 Richmond St. N.
London, ON   N6G 2M3

Credit Card

We accept Visa and MasterCard payments over the phone. On your Renewal Checklist, please check the box that reads “Please invoice me, and I will pay the invoice by phone with a credit card”. Please do not submit your credit card information over email, voicemail or fax for security reasons.

Optional: Liability Insurance

This item is not required to complete the renewal process but it is highly recommended that all SFIC certified instructors are covered by a liability insurance policy, either through their work or on their own. Many insurance providers offer reduced rates when policies are bundled together, contact your home, automobile or life insurance broker to see if they offer personal liability as well. If they do not offer this type of policy you may wish to contact another insurance provider. The four companies listed below offer personal liability insurance for fitness leaders.

Other Important Renewal Information

How do I download my SFIC Certified/Renewed Certificate?

You can download your SFIC Certified certificate at any time, as long as your certification status is active.

  • Sign in to your CCAA account.
  • Click on the " Certification" tab in the account navigation bar.
  • Under the SFIC Certificate status details area click " Get certificate"
certifed certificate
  • When you click get certificate the system will generate a PDF version of your certificate, this can be saved to your computer or printed.

Do I have to renew?

No. Maintaining your certification status can only be enforced through your employer as a condition of employment/volunteering for teaching classes. Although there is no law that states an instructor must be certified in order to teach, there are many benefits to maintaining your certification status.

Benefits of Renewal

  • Official Designation after name (CCAA-SFIC) with backing and support of CCAA.
  • Increased Marketability through CCAA promotions and website.
  • Professional Credibility and Peer Recognition.
  • Access to Insurance Coverage.
  • CCAA E-Newsletter.
  • Invitations to participate in special research initiatives.
  • Be the first to know about upcoming CCAA workshops, courses and conference.
  • One benefit that affects all of us is raising the performance standards within the industry to represent a message of professionalism, safety and credibility to the public.

Volunteer Instructors

Check with the organization for which you teach. Organizations recruiting and training SFIC volunteers are eligible for the “Volunteer Agency License” which is subject to special guidelines. However, there is no renewal fee reduction for volunteer agencies. Please contact the  Certification Coordinator for more information.

Submit renewal documents to:

CCAA Certification Coordinator
Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging 
1490 Richmond Street London, ON N6G 2M3
Phone: (519) 661-2059 Toll Free: 1(866) 661-1603 ext 82059 
Fax: (519) 661-1612