Canadian Centre for Activity and Agine

Seniors' Fitness Instructor Certification


To become a certified Seniors’ Fitness Instructor, the following criteria must be met within one year of the completion date of your course:

Take Home Assignment

This assignment must be submitted within 2 weeks of the course completion date and you must achieve a grade of 80% in order to move forward with the certification process. The SFIC certificate of participation can be accessed by logging into your CCAA online account once the assignment is graded.

Proof of Current CPR

Only CPR training and certification from an experienced, reputable organization will be accepted. First Aid is also recommended, but not required for SFIC certification.

Practical Teaching

Complete a minimum of 16 hours of practical teaching in a land-based senior group fitness class. Record your hours in the Learning Journal (also found in the Appendix of your SFIC manual). Classes you have taught prior to taking the SFIC course do not count toward your practical teaching hours.

We recommend that you teach under the guidance of an experienced leader (preferably SFIC certified). Keep observation of classes to a minimum of three hours. During your apprenticeship, if you teach one component and stay for the rest of the class, you can count that as one hour. Personal training, fitness assessments, or other one-on-one sessions do not qualify as practical hours for this certificate. 

Practical Evaluation

In order to successfully complete the practical evaluation, you must be able to demonstrate your leadership skills with a group of seniors who have a high level of “functional fitness”. Classes in retirement homes, adult day centres or nursing homes may not be suitable for your evaluation. Please discuss this in advance with your trainer/evaluator.

Evaluation Fee

There is an evaluation fee of $50 + applicable tax for the practical evaluation (cheque made payable to evaluator).

$50.00 + applicable HST/GST for your province/territory.

  • ON (13%): $56.50
  • BC/MB/SK/AB/QC/NT/NV/YT (5%): $52.50
  • PEI/NB/NS/NL (15%): $57.50

Note: There may be an additional travel fee if the evaluator is required to travel a significant distance to conduct the evaluation.

Other Important Certification Information

How do I complete my certification online?

  • Sign in to your CCAA account.
  • Click on the "Certification" tab in the account navigation bar.
  • Click the checkbox next to each of the completed certification requirements.
  • Click "Submit" once all the requirements are complete.

Please send all certification documentation including your Learning Journal, a copy of your current CPR, and payment for certification to your trainer/evaluator. He or she will submit these along with your Practical Evaluation form to the CCAA on your behalf.

Your certified certificate will be available in your CCAA account after the certification paperwork is reviewed and approved by the Certification Coordinator.

Who can conduct my practical evaluation?

ONLY Seniors’ Fitness Instructor Course (SFIC) Trainers or Evaluators can conduct your practical evaluation in person or via video.

How do I download my SFIC Certified Certificate?

You can download your SFIC Certified certificate at any time, as long as your certification status is active.

  • Sign in to your CCAA account.
  • Click on the "Certification" tab in the account navigation bar.
  • Under the SFIC Certificate status details area click "Get certificate"
certifed certificate
  • When you click get certificate the system will generate a PDF version of your certificate, this can be saved to your computer or printed.


Do I have to get certified?

No. Becoming a certified senior fitness instructor may be enforced through your employer as a condition of employment/volunteering for teaching classes. But there is no law that states an instructor must be certified in order to teach senior fitness.

How do I request an SFIC certification extension?

If you are unable to complete the SFIC certification requirements within the one-year period allowed for the process, you can request a one-time, 3 month extension from the CCAA training team. Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis under extenuating circumstances such as illness, injury, or maternity leave. Should you require an extension, please contact the Certification Coordinator.

If you have not contacted the CCAA within one year of completing the in-class portion, or your three-month grace period has passed, and your certification paperwork has not been received, you will be required to re-take the course.

Submit certification documents to:

CCAA Certification Coordinator
Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging 
1490 Richmond Street London, ON N6G 2M3
Phone: (519) 661-2059 Toll Free: 1(866) 661-1603 ext 82059 
Fax: (519) 661-1612