Additional Resources

Visit these other resources to find content that has been reviewed and deemed safe for older adults who are exercising at home.

Active Aging Tips

via National Institute on Aging


This informative website provides tips specifically for seniors about fitting exercise into daily life safely and getting motivated to get moving! The page also includes links to recent articles from NIH about physical activity and aging.

Home Balance Program

via S3 Balance


This simple program uses a kitchen counter for support. Performing the exercises daily may help slow functional decline from isolation.

Bonus! This program includes a free PDF Program Guide download.

Home Strength Program

via Southampton Football Club


This 10-minute workout is suitable for all functional levels. Some of the simple exercises use household items to challenge your muscles. The program can help you stay active and strong while you practice physical distancing. Includes free workbook.

Classes Courtesy of YMCA 360

Rise and Shine


A quick warm up and stretch to help you loosen up so you can start your day with a smile
Level: Beginner
Equipment: Chair

Silver Circuit - Weights


Great workout for active older adults utilizing both a chair and hand weights.
Level: Beginner
Equipment: Chair, weights

Resistance Tube


Fun workout for active older adults using a chair and resistance tubes.
*see note about grapevine step
Level: Beginner
Equipment: Chair, resistance tubes

*Note: The grapevine step can be performed most safely by active older adults when done in a very slow and controlled manner. Alternatively, older adults may substitute the double side step for the grapevine.

Don't forget to review the disclaimer and if possible chat with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program.