Everyday Group Fitness Programs


These 60-minute exercise sessions promote enhanced physical well-being and introduce core concepts to help participants incorporate more physical activity into their daily lives. Each session includes exercises that target strength, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, and balance.

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What's included

Participation in all CCAA exercise programs includes a functional fitness assessment for all participants and ongoing monitoring and evaluation that support research projects linked to physical activity.


  • Light cardiorespiratory activity to physically and psychologically prepare for more vigorous activity.

Cardiorespiratory endurance

  • Brisk walking, marching and simple aerobic exercise routines improve aerobic endurance and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Cardiorespiratory cool-down

  • Light cardiorespiratory and range-of-motion activities decrease the heart rate safely and prevent blood pooling in the extremities.

Muscular strength, endurance & power

  • A variety of resistance exercises with strengthen the 8 major muscle groups and improve or maintain functional mobility and independence.

Stability & balance

  • Progressive balance activities are included throughout the class to challenge dynamic, static and functional stability.

Flexibility & stretching

  • Stretches for the 8 major muscle groups as well as range of motion movements will improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.

Session Detail

Information about next sessions will be posted here when it is available.