COVID-19 Update for Exercise Class Participants

In response to the declaration by the Government of Ontario requiring all non-essential services to shut down, the University will be complying with the order effective Wednesday, March 25, 2020 until further notice. During this time, essential staff will continue to work remotely. We remain committed to supporting our exercise program and leadership training course participants. We appreciate your patience as we attempt to identify the best ways to do that. If you have any questions not covered by the information below please email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will exercise classes and programs resume?

The health and safety of our members and staff is our top priority and we will continue to follow the advice and recommendations of federal, provincial and local health authorities regarding COVID-19 issues. With a focus on the health of our members and staff shaping our decisions, we will not resume in-house exercise programming until it is safe to do so. We anticipate that exercise classes and programs may resume beginning in September at the very earliest.

What is happening to my pre-paid membership fees and personal training sessions?

Participants who have pre-paid for exercise classes will be credited automatically for their memberships, effective April 1, 2020. The credit will be extended for the length of your membership once classes resume. For example, if classes resume in September, participants who had three months remaining (April, May, June), will have September, October and November added to their membership.  

Pre-paid personal training sessions will not expire. They can be booked once the CCAA reopens, at no additional cost. For example, participants who had six personal training sessions remaining on their account will still have six remaining when personal training sessions resume, excluding personal training sessions that took place virtually during April.

I want to stay active at home. Can the CCAA help?

During these challenging and unique times, we remain committed to helping you incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. We have developed a series of Active at Home videos to help you remain active while practicing physical distancing. We also will share exercise videos, tips and motivation through our regular CCAA newsletter.

I left some of my personal belongings in a locker at the CCAA. How can I retrieve them?

Members who have personal belongings in lockers at the CCAA should email us to arrange a time to stop in and collect their belongings. Since CCAA staff members are working remotely, you must make an appointment to visit the CCAA and retrieve your belongings. We will ensure all appropriate physical distancing precautions are taken.

Is the CCAA still moving its physical location?

We are continuing with plans to move the CCAA to its new home at Elborn College. We intend to complete the move prior to resuming our in-house programming. Renovations to the new space are almost complete. We are working closely with campus officials to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.