Trainer Certification


COVID-19 & CCAA Leadership Training

Visit the COVID-19 Update for Leadership Training Participants page for the latest information about how the pandemic is affecting CCAA courses and exercise leader certification.

Individuals with a desire to facilitate the growth and development of the CCAA’s leadership training programs are encouraged to submit a résumé to the CCAA Education Coordinator. Trainers and facilitators are selected based on skills and experience as well as the training needs of the area in which they live.

Trainer Prerequisites

  • Completion of program for which they are applying to become a trainer
  • University degree in a health-related field of study
  • 3 years of work experience in a health-related field
  • Experience teaching others
  • Valid CPR certification

Trainer Certification and Renewal

Trainer Certification Process

  1. Submit resume to Education Coordinator
  2. Receive acceptance for admission to Train the Trainer Program
  3. Complete CCAA’s Train the Trainer program
  4. Complete 16 assignments and achieve a minimum grade of 80%
  5. Complete co-teaching evaluation alongside experienced CCAA trainer
  6. Read and sign Trainer Agreement
  7. Deliver two CCAA training programs within one year of completing Train the Trainer program

Trainer Certification Renewal Process

In order to maintain certification, the following criteria must be met annually after initial certification:

  1. Deliver a minimum of one program for which you are a trainer within your renewal year
  2. Earn one continuing education credit within your renewal year
  3. Read and sign Trainer Agreement
  4. Provide a copy of your valid CPR certificate
  5. Pay renewal fee
  6. Deliver a minimum of one SFIC Refresher program within your renewal year

Note: Please allow a minimum of 5 business days to process certifications and renewals.


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