Facilitator Certification

Facilitator certification enables individuals to deliver training in specific programs. Under contract to the CCAA, facilitators play an integral role in bringing the benefits of evidence-based, functional exercise programs to as many older adults in their communities and workplaces as possible. This certification is appropriate for individuals in leadership and supervisory roles or certified seniors fitness instructors and CCAA certified trainers. Facilitator certification is available for the following workshops:


Ball Facilitator Workshop for Fitness Leaders (BALL-F)

Small exercise balls can be used to add variety and to progress strength in functional mobility programs. They can also be used to enhance older adults’ balance and flexibility. Students will explore ways to include small balls into exercise programs for both high and lower functioning participants.



Home Support Exercise Program Facilitator (HSEP-F)

Studies show the majority of older adults want to remain in their homes as they age and the benefits of aging in place are well documented. Students learn how to teach and track 10 simple, yet progressive exercises designed to improve or maintain the functional abilities of frail, homebound older adults.



Tiered Exercise Program Facilitator (TEP-F)

Very frail, older adults who have lost physical capacity can improve functional mobility by engaging in a simple progressive exercise program. Students learn 3 program tiers, each comprised of 10 simple, progressive exercises designed to improve mobility levels of individuals with varying levels of frailty.



Facilitator Renewal

Certification demonstrates that a fitness leader has the appropriate knowledge and skills to lead effective functional exercise programs for older adults, and indicates a high level of dedication to maintaining continuing education and ongoing training.