Comprehensive Physical Activity for Older Adults


This unique training was developed in collaboration with the Movement Sceinces program at the university of Verona for students in a degree program in Health Sciences both nationally and internationally. All training sessions and mentorship opportunities are held at the Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging in London, Ontario, Canada.

  • Session 1: February 2020
  • Session 2: August 2020

This five-week comprehensive program incorporates training and mentorship in all of the following:

Seniors' Fitness Instructor Course (SFIC) Fast Track

This course was developed by academic researchers and experts in the field of activity and aging to address a need for training and information about appropriate physical activity programs for older adults. Learn more about the SFIC.

This training package includes practicum placement opportunities directly within CCAA's SFIC-based exercise programs and the opportunity to complete SFIC certification. 

Functional Fitness for Falls Prevention (FFFP)

This workshop was designed to help participants plan and develop effective fall prevention initiatives in the community or at a facility. Learn more about the FFFP.


Upon completion of this certification participants can lead workshops to teach fitness leaders to include exercise balls into functional mobility programs for both higher and lower functioning older adults. Learn more about the BALL-F.

Additional Training & Mentorship Included

High Five Principles of Heathy Aging

Learn evidence-based approaches to improve the participant experience using the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Aging. Topics include ageism, program planning, as well as the importance that physical literacy plays in sustained long-term health, increased social connectedness, improved mental and physical well-being and a better quality of life.

Teaching Cardio

This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to develop and practice their individual teaching style. The active 3-hour session will cover: tempo, beats per minute (bpm) selection based on movements and complexity as well as transitions, sequencing, choreography, add-on techniques, verbal and non-verbal cuing and safe and effective instructional formats.

Teaching Strengthening

This workshop provides the tools and knowledge required to enhance the strengthening component of community-based fitness classes.  The session will introduce instructors to new safe and effective strength, endurance and power exercises for older adults using body weight, handheld weights, resistance bands and small exercise balls.  The workshop will review and extend knowledge in the areas of cuing, correction, demonstration, observation, timing, progression, modification, alternatives, breathing and posture.

Mentorship Opportunities

Get the most out of the mentorship experience with regular coaching and feedback from CCAA-trained senior fitness instructors. These experts provide students with valuable recommendations and insights based on personal experience. Students find mentorship improves instructing techniques and prepares them for the practical exam. 16 hours is the minimum amount of mentorship time the CCAA recommends for students who hope to successfully complete the SFIC certification process.  Many students choose to practice for 25 hours or more in order to gain exposure to different classes, instructors and participants with a variety of ability levels. These students also observe a CCAA fitness assessment, to learn the simple tests used to measure older adults’ functional fitness.

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