Canadian Centre for Activity and Agine

Meet Jim

What inspired me: In 2004, while in the hospital recovering from a serious illness I made some important decisions that eventually led to a healthier lifestyle. I decided to quit smoking and stop consuming alcohol and to begin a regime of walking to increase my physical activity level.When I was finally released from the hospital I was a mere 119 lb.

Why did you join the CCAA: I have been a volunteer with Meals on Wheels since 2002 and in 2005 I had an opportunity to participate in the Get Fit for Active Living through a partnership project between the CCAA and Meals on Wheels. My participation in that project led me to the CCAA and Debbie’s 12:15 class a couple of years later.

Best thing about being a participant: I love that Debbie “forces the best out of us” and cheerfully admits that his group affectionately calls her the “Princess of Pain”!

Advice to others considering joining: Walking is the simplest, most functional and inexpensive activity one can do to get and stay fit and is a great place to start.