Canadian Centre for Activity and Agine

Fitness Appraisals

Prior to joining an exercise program at the CCAA it is necessary to complete a Fitness Appraisal to measure various components of fitness. The fitness appraisal allows the appraiser to identify weaknesses that may cause mobility problems and helps your instructor or personal trainer develop exercise programs that improve functional fitness, preventing future mobility issues.

All in-house program participants have the option to have their functional mobility levels assessed during “Fitness Appraisal Days” each November.

CCAA Fitness Appraisals Measure:

  • lower- and upper-body strength
  • aerobic endurance
  • lower- and upper-body flexibility
  • agility
  • balance

Example Exercises:

  • Sit to stand and arm curl
  • Walk or step in place
  • Sit and reach and back scratch
  • 6-minute walk
  • 8-foot up and go

How to Book a Fitness Appraisal

Visit the CCAA's main office or call us at 519-661-163 (or Toll Free at 1-866-661-1603).

*Fitness appraisals are $50.00