Canadian Centre for Activity and Agine

What We Do

Leadership Training

The CCAA is Canada’s leader in research and training for senior fitness instructors and restorative care specialists. We also offer a variety of training sessions, workshops, and conferences to supplement existing senior fitness instructor or restorative care specialist qualifications.


Research conducted through the CCAA uses both basic and applied research approaches to broaden the knowledge base of information related to older adults and physical activity. The Centre’s basic research activities are carried out by faculty members and students affiliated with Western’s School of Kinesiology. Applied research activities are the foundation of the CCAA’s community-based physical activity classes for seniors and focus on the development of leadership training courses for individuals who work with the aging population.

Exercise Programs

In-house exercise programs are offered Monday to Friday to over 500 community-dwelling older adults. The average age of these participants is 75, some are as young as 50 and several are in their 90s. CCAA exercise programs include combined fitness classes, personal training, strength training, dynamic balance training, lifestyle coaching and the Get Fit for Active Living (exercise and education for beginner senior exercisers). There are also exercise programs tailored specifically to individuals with osteoporosis, stroke and chronic obstructive lung disease. Please visit the Classes page for details and to learn more!