New Club Application

Please note that Clubs applications have now closed. Applications will re-open in march 2023

This page provides information about submitting an application for a new Sport Club to be ratified under our Recreational Sport Clubs Program. The Recreation Clubs Coordinator will review all applications submitted.

If more information is required, you may be asked to set up a meeting to further discuss specific details about your club. Only strong applications will be recommended for review by a Ratification Committee including the Recreation Clubs Coordinator and other full-time staff in the Recreation Department. f successful, you will be required to meet with the Recreation Clubs Coordinator to go through next steps.



Download the following Word document: New Club Application (2022)

Please fill out the application to the best of your ability. Only serious and complete requests will be considered. Submission of this application does not guarantee approval.

For general information about our Sport Clubs Programs, please review our Sport Clubs Manual 2021-2022.

Note: We are currently reviewing our Sport Clubs Model and the information found in the Sport Clubs Manual 2021-2022 will not be the most accurate information. Nonetheless, it will serve as a general guideline.

Please proofread and review your application before submitting. Once completed, you can email a Word or PDF copy of your application to

The following documents should be attached to your email submission:

◊ Proposed Club Constitution (refer to section A.3)
◊ Proposed Club Activities Plan (refer to section B.2)
◊ Club’s Forecasted Budget (refer to section C.1)