Western Campus Recreation


"The Team Building day in Port Stanley organized and lead by the Leadership and Team Development Team was one of the highlights for our team last season.  Because of the success of the day we will make this an annual event. We had about 80 of our team members and staff attend and throughout the day our team members got to know new team members and vice versa.  It was fun, competitive and we accomplished our main goal of getting closer as a team in order to carry this into our more formal training and competition environment."
- V. Croley, Head Coach Track and Field (Western)

"The session at Campus Recreation that my team and I experienced during our Soph Retreat was one of our most valuable experiences!  The activities and leaders kept us highly engaged from start to finish.  A truly brilliant program, we walked in as a group of separate people and left as a single team."
- A. Figliola, Kings Head Soph

"I have seen first-hand how transformative these sorts of programs can be, and as such I instantly signed up for sessions with my 5-person executive team and I. The results were quite outstanding. During our sessions we were put through a variety of team building activities that tested our resolve, cooperation, and communication. The sessions were run effectively and professionally. My whole group communicated to me that they thought the activities and subsequent discussions were beneficial, enlightening, and fun. At several times throughout the year we harkened back to some of the lessons that we learned during these sessions."
- M. Helfand, USC President 2014-15