Western Campus Recreation

Starting an Exercise Routine

It can be hard starting out a new exercise routine while juggling everything else that is happening in life. Often, exercise becomes a lower priority on our things-to-do list. Starting out is the most difficult part, however; if you stick to a regular exercise regimen, it is easy to see not only the effect on your physical health but also improvements in other areas of life.

New exercisers should start out by setting realistic goals. These help you stay committed to the new routine because you achieve the results you have set for yourself and you can also track the progress you have made. If you are unsure of how to reach your goal or what type of workout would be best for your fitness level, consider a session or two with a certified personal trainer. Either way, whether you choose to exercise on your own or with a trainer, make sure that you are enjoying your routine. Do what works for you and what you find fun to keep your workouts interesting.

At the end of the day, it’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying active is a crucial component of that. Fit in physical activity where ever you get a chance—start off by walking more around campus. Also, remember that you need to give yourself time and lots of attempts to eventually find an exercise routine that works for you and commit to it regularly, so don’t be harsh on yourself if your first few attempts are unsuccessful. Just keep at it and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle before you know it!