Western Campus Recreation

Do I Need a Trainer?

So you want to get into the gym but aren’t sure where to start.  There are many resources out there such as magazines or the web; but you’re a student, the last thing you want to do after a day of reading and school work is more research. Why not let one of our certified personal trainers help you out.

Benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer

Your workout is tailored to your goals and your abilities: many people read and follow a workout online or in a magazine and are easily frustrated with the results. General workouts do not take into consideration of where you are starting from. A personal trainer can evaluate your current body state and then a build a program customized to your own fitness goals. In addition, personal trainers watch how you are performing the exercises in order to prevent injury and ensure you are working the intended muscles.

Why hire a trainer at WSRC?

Just like you our personal trainers are students. They are working to help put themselves through school. Help a fellow student out, hire a personal trainer today.