BMI helps high school student publish scientific research

November 6, 2014

alferovDanila (Dan) Alferov, a local high school student, has been doing research at the Brain and Mind Institute (BMI) for over three years, under the guidance of BMI’s director, Dr. Melvyn Goodale, and Dr. Lars Strother, a former postdoctoral fellow at the BMI. Dan’s hard work and persistence finally paid off. Just this week, Dan and Dr. Strother co-authored an original research article, “Inter-element orientation and distance influence the duration of persistent contour integration”, published in the international scientific journal, Frontiers in Psychology, the first and only publishing platform that combines open-access publishing with research networking. The article is Dan’s first peer-reviewed scientific publication, and concerns feedforward and feedback neural mechanisms by which the human visual system supports conscious visual perception and memory.

Article in Frontiers journal - Full article or Abstract