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David Sherry

David Sherry


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Psychology, Biology


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Avian Cognition Lab

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(519) 661-2111 x84659
AFAR 201

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I received my PhD from the University of Toronto and was a postdoc in the Edward Grey Institute of Field Ornithology at the University of Oxford. I am a PI at Western’s Advanced Facility for Avian Research (AFAR). I served as Director of Western’s Graduate Program in Neuroscience 2005-2011 and was founding Director of Western’s Undergraduate Program in Neuroscience. I have served as an editor or editorial board member of the journals Animal Behaviour, Behaviour, and Biology Letters, and I am currently a member of the advisory committee of the CIFAR Azrieli Program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness. My research examines the specializations in cognition and the brain that accompany food storing, brood parasitism, and migration in birds.