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Program Counselling

Brenda Beretta

Brenda Beretta

Room 301A NCB
e-mail: bberetta@uwo.ca
Telephone: 661-2111 ext 82555

Dr. Richard Gardiner

Dr. Richard Gardiner

Room  301J NCB 
e-mail: rgardine@uwo.ca
Telephone: 661-2111 ext 82241

Please e-mail or call for an appointment, or drop in during posted office hours.

Biology counsellors can provide:

Course equivalencies

We also evaluate courses either already taken, or to be taken, at another university for equivalency to those courses offered by Western.

If you are transferring from another university, the transcript is initially scrutinized by the Registrar. It is then forwarded to the office of the Dean of Science and course descriptions sent to departments for evaluation.

If you wish to do a course elsewhere on a Letter of permission, this is initially done through the Office of the Dean of science and you would then bring us the form and the course description of the course you are planning, for our evaluation.

For further information, please see the Science Academic Counselling site.