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2018 - 2019 Biology Seminar Series

Departmental seminars explore all aspects of biology, and are held 12:30 - 1:30 pm, Fridays in BGS 0153 unless otherwise indicated.

All queries should be directed to Jamie Kramer.

All are welcome to attend!

Fall 2018 Schedule

a talk regarding alternative opportunities in the field of research
14 Sep Dan Hahn "From sleeping beauties to macho males: how understanding mechanisms of stress hardiness can impact our understanding of adaptation, speciation, and sexual selection.”
21 Sep Dean Betts "P66Shc and Awe: The role of the stress adaptor protein in early embryo development and pluripotency”
28 Sep Uchida Lecture - Anna-Katerina Hadjantonakis "Gastrulation: cellular differentiation & the loss of pluripotency in vivo in embryos and in vitro in gastruloids"
5 Oct Grad student invited speaker – Raf Otfinowski "Integrating plants, roots, and soil nematodes to restore northern prairie ecosystems"
18 Oct Laudenbach Lecturer in conjunction with BGRF - Fardausi (Shathi) Akhter

Background information about the speaker can be seen here.

NOTE DIFFERENT VENUE AND DATE: The talk will be October 18, 5:45pm in PAB 148

26 Oct Alistair Rogers "From the Arctic to the tropics, improving the representation of photosynthesis in Earth system models"
2 Nov Art Weis "When to Do It: selection on phenology through the general, social and internal environments"
9 Nov Rick Simpson "The evolution of complex courtship traits: covariation and interactions between hummingbird displays, plumage, and color appearance"
16 Nov John Stinchcombe "Adaptation and constraint in introduced plant species"
23 Nov Sapna Sharma "On thin ice: Are lakes feeling the heat?"
28 Nov


Kathleen Hill

"Genomic signatures: Powerful classification systems to analyze 'text style' in DNA data"

NOTE DIFFERENT VENUE AND DATE: The talk will be Wednesday November 28, 4:30pm in NCB 293

30 Nov Barb Katzenback "Amphibian skin innate immunity: Newly generated Xenopus laevis skin epithelial cell lines and their role in sensing viral infections"
7 Dec Cell & Molecular Biology Postdocs - Emilie Widemann, Julien Le Roy and Sameer Dixit "Spider mite: from biology to adaptation"
11 Jan Stephanie DeWitte-Orr "Double stranded RNA: an understudied nucleic acid with a big punch"
18 Jan Elizabeth Weretilnyk "Coping with low phosphate: Lessons from the extremophyte Eutrema salsugineum"
25 Jan Fred Dick and Greg Kelly "New applications of CRISPR-Cas9 genetic engineering for the study of vertebrate development and disease."
1 Feb Megan Meuti "Uncovering the Molecular Regulators of Seasonal Responses in Mosquitoes"
8 Feb Angela B. Lange "Integrative control of feeding and reproduction in the Chagas disease vector, Rhodnius prolixus."
15 Feb Amanda Roe "Functional ecology of spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana) and the importance of intraspecific variation"
1 Mar

P&B Postdocs

Alex S. Torson (1)
Sara Lupi (2)
Meghan Duell (3)

(1) "Transcriptomic and metabolomic changes in overwintering Asian longhorned beetles"
(2) "Role of the gut-hormone ghrelin in the control of avian migratory behavior"
(3) "Emerald ash borer thermal tolerance in established and new invasive populations"
8 Mar Christopher Guglielmo (1) and Hugh Henry (2) (1) Using isotopic analysis of breath H2O and CO2 to measure energy expenditure and fuel use of migratory birds
(2) Reduced precipitation = drier or colder? A multi-site perspective
15 Mar Dinesh Christendat Seminar cancelled.

Helen Petropoulos, Director, Commercialization & Programs Ontario Genomics

A talk regarding alternative opportunities in the field of research
22 Mar

Graduate Student invited speaker:
Amanda Bates

Thermal Safety, Environmental Variability and Biodiversity Change
29 Mar John Wiebe New Approach To Breast Cancer: etiology, detection, intervention, treatment
5 Apr Julien Muffat Humanized Models Of Microglial Development Shed Light On Viral Teratogenicity And Neurodegenerative Processes
12 Apr Zoë Lindo Can beach debris reveal long distance dispersal events for Oribatid mites on Haida Gwaii?

There are occasions when notable speakers visit the department who are not part of the weekly series. Those seminars will be listed below and will also explore a wide range of topics in biology. All are welcome to attend!

Special Seminar Schedule

3 Apr Joe Bowden "Climate change impacts in the north with a focus on terrestrial arthropods"
3:30 pm BGS 2084
22 Oct Claudia Wagner-Riddle "Linking Surface N2O Flux to Soil Processes in Cold Climates" 10:30 am BGS 2084
20 Nov Leonida Fusani "Physiological mechanisms of migratory decisions" 10:3o am BGS 2084