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Biology Facilities

Student working in MGU

Student examining viral plaques on a cell lawn in the Molecular Genetics Unit

The Department and administrative offices are principally located in the Biological and Geological Sciences Building with other offices, research laboratories, teaching laboratories and facilities in the Western Science Building, the North Campus Building, the Biotron and the Collip Building. Undergraduate teaching administrative offices are located in the North Campus Building. The Biology Department includes worldclass facilities that support research and undergraduate teaching and collaborates with a number of associated facilities. See links for details.

Sherwood Fox Arboretum Digital Imaging
Greenhouses Dr. Laurie L. Consaul Herbarium
MoBEES Molecular Genetics Unit (MGU)
The Zoological Collections The Biotron

See the campus maps for the locations of the Department of Biology buildings.

Associated Facilities

Environmental Sciences Western Field Station (ESW)

Environmental Sciences Western is a Faculty of Science field station located approximately 14 km north of the main Western campus.  It is used for inter and multidisciplinary research by faculty in the Departments of Biology, Physics and Astronomy and Geology, along with researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Website: https://www.uwo.ca/esw/

Advanced Facility for Avian Research (AFAR)

AFAR is a world-class facility at Western University for interdisciplinary studies of birds. Understanding how birds adapt their reproductive and migratory strategies to environmental pressures requires detailed knowledge of how their neural and physiological systems respond to changes in the environment. Researchers at AFAR come together from a variety of disciplines to explore how birds work, and how they respond to their environment.

Website: https://birds.uwo.ca/


ChemBioStores stocks a wide variety of common chemicals, lab supplies, glassware, stationery, gases, dry ice and liquid nitrogen. We are open to all Departments within the University with a valid speed code and a Western ID.

Website: https://www.uwo.ca/chem/resources/facilities/chembiostores.html