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A bevy of swans September 2022
Avian flu suspected in deaths of 3 swans in Stratford, Ont.
[CBC News]
Dr. Chris Guglielmo September 2022
The Godwit’s Long, Long Nonstop Journey
[The New York Times]
Mushroom September 2022
Researchers from Ontario Conduct Study on Newfoundland Mushrooms
Monarch butterflies affted by hot autumn September 2022
New Western research demonstrates effects of hotter fall temperatures on insects
[Western News] [London News Today]
Armyworms affected by hot autumnal temperatures September 2022
Biology master’s student Cailyn McKay joined CBC Afternoon Drive to discuss her research looking at how high temperatures due to climate change affect armyworms
[Listen to interview]
Olivia Lutfallah tiktoker show ADHD September 2022
Student TikToker raises awareness around ADHD. Biology Master's student Olivia Lutfallah started videos as a hobby.
[Western News]
Sleepy lion September 2022
'How Animals Survive in a Savanna Full of Predators' in the Smithsonian features the research of Dr. Liana Zanette
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On Taget show on VOMM logo August 2022
'Mushrooms of Newfoundland' features Dr. Greg Thorn on the "On Target" show presented by VOCM
[Listen on Soundcloud]
Mushroom part of the ecosystem August 2022
Mushrooms serve as ‘main character’ in most ecosystems
[Western News]
Byron gravel pit August 2022
An 'incredible site': City resumes plans to redevelop Byron gravel pits
[CTV News London]
Cell Biology of Galectins cover August 2022
New book edited by Alexander timoshenko looks at latest advances of galectins role in cell biology
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Brendon Samuels August 2022
Brendon Samuels petitions Ontario’s Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to require bird friendly designs in the building codes
[CBC London Morning]
ESW Pollinator Garden August 2022
Field station garden provides ‘safe haven’ for pollinators
[Western News]
Prof. Millar's book August 2022
Prof. Jack Millar's book goes back to where he started
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Dr. Greg Thorn August 2022
Mushrooms are in season in London, here's what you need to know
[CBC Radio London]
Little brown bat August 2022
What’s Ontario’s favourite animal? The case for the little brown bat (with commentary by Prof. Brock Fenton)
[TVO Today]
canadian geographic wildlife wednesday August 2022
Wildlife Wednesday: SOS! Save our spirit bears! (Features item about Prof. Brent Sinclair’s research on the Colorado Potato Beetle)
[Canadian Geographic]
Weeds or habitat August 2022
Weed or habitat? Ontario cities must 'rethink' their approach to yard complaints, says lawyer( features commentary by Prof. Jeremy McNeil)
[CBC News London]
milkweed and monarch July 2022
Londoner whose perennial garden was destroyed by city workers describes ‘utter shock’
[Global News London]
Prof. Jeremy McNeil July 2022
Biology professor Jeremy McNeil discusses the monarch butterfly being designated an endangered species.
[CTV London] [Ici Radio Canada Part 1 Part 2] [Tom McConnell show on Newstalk] [CBC Afternoon Drive] [CBC London Morning]
Colorado potato beetle July 2022
Hibernating insects regrow muscles on demand: study
[New Scientist][Western News] [CBC Radio Part 1] [CBC Radio Part 2][New Scientist] [London News Today]
Tom Haffie July 2022
Tom Haffie, Donna Peterson receive President’s Medal for Distinguished Service
[Western News]
Paul Mensink June 2022
Biology professor Paul Mensink joined The Morning Show with Devon Peacock on AM980 to discuss his research comparing the use of blue boxes and blue bags in Ontario.
[Part 1] [Part 2]
Planting pollinator garden May 2022
Western’s bee garden humming with community volunteers
[Western News] [CTV News at Six (20:11)]
Nina and Helen May 2022
McIntosh exhibit buzzes with colourful fusion of art, science
[Western News]
biodiversity inventory April 2022
Western biologists crowdsource biodiversity data
[Western News]
Jeremy McNeil April 2022
You'll want to keep these garden-friendly insects around all season long (featuring Prof. Jeremy McNeil)
[The Weather Network]
Nina Zitani Green Award Winner March 2022
Western’s sustainability champions go the distance (featuring Dr. Nina Zitani)
[Western News]
Student with Basking Shark app March 2022
Augmented reality brings students face to virtual face with sharks for immersive learning experience
[CTV News London, Online][CTV News London, Broadcast][London Free Press]
emerald ash borer February 2022
Emerald ash borer takes on polar vortex: study
[Western News]
Fear causes population decline February 2022
Fear itself can cut wildlife numbers in half: study
[Discover][Western News][New Scientist][Europepress]
Basking sharks stay home February 2022
Basking sharks stay in Irish waters year-round, scientists discover
[Irish Examiner]
Brendon Samuels January 2022
Why this London researcher wants to take the air out of balloon releases
[London Free Press]
Stefani Tichbourne Undergradaute Program Coordinator January 2022
Stefani Tichbourne 1954-2022, Retired Undergradaute Program Coordinator in 2020
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