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Nina and Helen May2022
McIntosh exhibit buzzes with colourful fusion of art, science
[Western News]
biodiversity inventory April 2022
Western biologists crowdsource biodiversity data
[Western News]
Jeremy McNeil April 2022
You'll want to keep these garden-friendly insects around all season long (featuring Prof. Jeremy McNeil)
[The Weather Network]
Nina Zitani Green Award Winner March 2022
Western’s sustainability champions go the distance (featuring Dr. Nina Zitani)
[Western News]
Student with Basking Shark app March 2022
Augmented reality brings students face to virtual face with sharks for immersive learning experience
[CTV News London, Online][CTV News London, Broadcast][London Free Press]
emerald ash borer February 2022
Emerald ash borer takes on polar vortex: study
[Western News]
Fear causes population decline February 2022
Fear itself can cut wildlife numbers in half: study
[Discover][Western News][New Scientist][Europepress]
Basking sharks stay home February 2022
Basking sharks stay in Irish waters year-round, scientists discover
[Irish Examiner]
Brendon Samuels January 2022
Why this London researcher wants to take the air out of balloon releases
[London Free Press]
Stefani Tichbourne Undergradaute Program Coordinator January 2022
Stefani Tichbourne 1954-2022, Retired Undergradaute Program Coordinator in 2020
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