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Zoe Lindo named Faculty Scholar

Dr. Zoe Lindo is a recipient of a 2019 Faculty Scholars Award for her groundbreaking research.Dr. Zoe Lindo

Many ecosystems are currently undergoing dramatic changes in biodiversity due to habitat loss and fragmentation, the research of the Lindo group uses a combined aboveground-belowground approach to understand the regulation and functional significance of biodiversity. Through experiments in the field, greenhouse and laboratory (BIOTRON), and the integration of empirical results with current theoretical perspectives, she works to help identify how to mitigate the impacts of environmental change and maintain ecosystem function in soil systems.

Most of her research group focusses on boreal forest and forested peatland systems. They study the interactions of a variety of taxonomic groups including microbes (bacteria and fungi), soil fauna (nematodes, springtails, mites), macro-invertebrate groups (spiders, insects), and plant communities. They also investigate ecosystem-level processes such as decomposition, and nutrient and carbon cycling to understand the drivers of biodiversity loss, and the consequences of loss on ecosystem processes and functioning.