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Sarah Lee wins the Faculty of Science Award of Excellence for Staff

Sarah LeeSarah began her career at Western as a research technician in 1990. She later became an undergraduate laboratory teaching technician, and has now been serving in that capacity for nearly 17 years. Her main role has been in support of various animal-based, population ecology and behavioral biology courses. She is highly motivated and independent, and consistently ensures the smooth delivery of all aspects of the laboratories she is responsible for. To Sarah, labs not only have to work right, they must work to perfection.

However, that is not the extent of Sarah’s activity in the department. Indeed, for many years, Sarah has been the unofficial keeper of the Zoological collections, devoting countless hours to the maintenance and restoration of many rare specimens. She worked with a taxidermist and student groups to restore old and new specimens. This has contributed to students having access to excellent materials for direct hands-on learning. In addition, Sarah has collaborated with science enthusiasts and artists outside the Department who borrow specimens for display or artwork to promote science.

Perhaps most telling of Sarah’s passion for Biology is the amount of spare time she has devoted as a volunteer with the Friends of the Garden. She is the main Department contact for the group and helps take care of the gardens and plant collection. She actively contributes to the annual FoGs plant sale that raises money for a bursary for undergraduate students in Science. These activities are evidence of the quiet, effective manner in which Sarah operates; she does not seek attention or reward, but is genuinely satisfied with a job well done.

Sarah’s dedication to Biology and tireless contribution beyond the department make her a most deserving recipient of the 2017 Faculty of Science Award of Excellence for Staff.