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Dr. Liana Zanette discusses Fear on BBC World Service program The Forum

Liana Zanette

The different ways we cope with fear: should we face it or flee from it?

Dr. Liana Zanette talks about Fear on The BBC World Service show The Forum, an ideas discussion show which tackles the big questions of our age with some of the world's most eminent minds.

Why does fear make the landscape green? Canadian biologist Liana Zanette explains breakthrough research on how intimidation changes the ecosystem. German neuroscientist René Hurlemann tells the story of the very rare individuals who go through life without feeling fear. And the horror film expert Lucy Bolton asks what scares us in the cinema, and why we deliberately seek to be made afraid.

This episode of The Forum will be first broadcast on 19 Oct. at 23:06 GMT and can be heard anytime thereafter by visiting:

Read Liana's findings on fear and how it affects predator-prey relationship

Posted October 18, 2013