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Dr. Irena Creed named Faculty of Science Distinguished Research Professor for 2013-14

Irena Creed

Dr. Irena Creed has been named the Faculty of Science 2013-14 Distinguished Research Professor (DRP). Dr. Creed, who also holds a Tier II CRC (Watershed Science) will use the research-protected time afforded by the DRP to pursue three major research areas, reflecting six significant research projects. Four of these projects, including an NSERC Strategic Network Grant titled the Canadian Network for Aquatic Ecosystem Services (CNAES) focusing on the theme “Healthy Forests, Healthy Waters”, an NSERC CREATE on Multiple Stressors and Cumulative Effects on the Great Lakes, a Ducks Unlimited Canada project conducting research to assess the feasibility of establishing a carbon market for wetland restoration, and a Government of Alberta project working to create design criteria for naturally functioning wetlands on boreal landscapes modified by oil sands development, are already underway. The others include developing major proposals for a Western-led NSERC CREATE project geared toward water sciences and a national program that engages social and natural scientists to examine market based instruments to encourage communities to keep wetlands on landscapes.

For more information about Dr. Creed and her research program please visit her website: www.uwo.ca/biology/faculty/creed/

Posted September 11, 2013