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Physiology and Biochemistry Graduate Seminar Series

This seminar series allows communication of proposed research or recent results to the P&B graduate group. Participation is compulsory for Physiology & Biochemistry students, and all members of the department are welcome as guests.

Please join us Thursday March 14 in NCB 114 at 12:30.

Amanda MacCannell from the Staples and McKenzie labs will be discussing “Circannual patterns of adipose depots in a hibernator” and

John Ciancio from the Gariepy and Sinclair labs will be talking about "Overwintering Physiology of the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug”

Contact Danielle Way for further information.

Schedule for 2018

Date Speakers
Jan. 11 Malihe Mehdizadeh Allaf
Jan. 18 Camille Chemali and Eric Dusenge
Jan. 25 Kathlyn Woolfson
Feb. 1 Jantina Toxopeus
Feb.  8 Cancelled
Feb. 15 Kurtis Turnbull
Feb. 22 Susan Anthony
Mar. 1 Kevin Young and Leah Hayward
Mar. 8 Bridget Murphy, Libesha Anparasan and Kevin Erratt
Mar. 15 John Ciancio and Amanda MacCannell
Mar. 22 Jacqueline Lebenzon
Mar. 29 Monika Bansal, Carlie Muir, Yanira Jimenez Padilla and Andre Duarte
Apr. 3 Leily Kazemi Movahed, Matthew Meehan and Christopher Posliff