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Physiology and Biochemistry Graduate Seminar Series

This seminar series allows communication of proposed research or recent results to the P&B graduate group. Participation is compulsory for Physiology & Biochemistry students, and all members of the department are welcome as guests.

On Thursday March 23th two speakers will be presenting talks:

Kevin Erratt (Creed lab), presenting
"Greener on the other side: how increased urea use may promote cyanobacterial blooms"

Sergio Dominguez Romero (Macfie lab) discussing
"Comparative effects of exogenous and endogenous chelating ligands on bioavailability and uptake of metals by radish (Raphanus sativus) grown in hydroponics"

12.30-1.30 pm in BGS 0165

Contact Danielle Way for further information.

Schedule for 2017

Date Speakers
Jan. 19 Handbook update
Jan. 26 Susan Anthony, Marc Possmeyer, Jantina Toxopeus, Ebenezer Ajewole
Feb. 2 Kate Mathers
Feb. 9 Mali Allaf, Amanda MacCannell, Joshua Frank, Kevin Young
Feb. 16 André Galvao Duarte
Feb. 23 Eric Mirindi Dusenge
Mar. 2 Trish Tully
Mar. 9 Tonya Malcolm, Dylan Baloun
Mar. 16 Jackie Lebenzon, John Ciancio, Leah Hayward, Katie Woolfson
Mar. 23 Sergio Dominguez Romero, Kevin Erratt
Mar. 30 Devika Jayawardena, Sasha Madhavji
Apr. 6 Scarlett Puebla Barragán, Carlie Muir