Tom HaffieWestern Science

My role in the Department is primarily devoted to scholarship and practice in higher education. Over the years, I have been most significantly influenced by ideas at the intersection of complexity science and education. Such approaches see the instructor and students as diverse nodes of an interconnected network devoted to learning. I invest considerable effort into creating learning environments that are active, inspiring and effective.

I have held previous positions as the Learning Development Coordinator for the Faculty of Science and Faculty Associate for Science in the Teaching Support Center. I am a founder and Coordinator of the Western Conference on Science Education.

I coordinate the campus-wide project in support of audience-response technology and contribute to such initiatives as the Task Force on eLearning.

Over the years these efforts have attracted a UWO Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching, a Western Award for Teaching Innovation, a Province of Ontario award for Leadership in Faculty Teaching (LIFT) and a national 3M Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching.