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Bryan Neff, PhD

Molecular and Behavioural Ecology

Bryan Neff Position:

Collip 204
Biological & Geological Sciences 3056
Biological & Geological Sciences 0064
office: (519) 850-2532 
lab: (519) 661-2111 x 88408 
aquarium: (519) 661-2111 x 82876
519 661-3935

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My lab’s long-term goal is to provide an understanding of phenotypic diversity in natural populations – why do individuals look and act the way they do – from molecules to organisms living in their natural environment. Understanding the forces that shape and affect our world’s biodiversity is a fundamental objective in biology and is important for pure discovery as well as the conservation of our natural resources. This objective requires scientific research that addresses the genetic basis of behavioural, physiological, and morphological variation. My lab uses genetic and molecular tools to examine questions at the interface of evolution, ecology, and genomics. This approach has the potential to provide a comprehensive understanding of phenotypic diversity including the evolution of genes, gene function, and the interaction between genes and the environment.

We predominately work with fish including bluegill, bullhead, guppy, and salmon. Several of these species are socially and economically important in Canada and represent billions of dollars per year to our economy through the recreational and commercial fisheries as well as the aquaculture industry. Thus, the scientific knowledge that my lab produces is also important for the effective management of our natural resources and for ensuring their sustainability. Our research falls into four areas:

  1. Understanding evolution and the genetics of adaptation
  2. Neurobiology and endocrinology of behaviour
  3. Conserving native biodiversity
  4. Improving the efficiency and sustainability of aquaculture.
My lab provides a dynamic and well equipped environment for research in molecular and behavioural ecology. Our research involves field experiments, genetic analyses, and modelling. I am always interested in keen students that wish to pursue graduate studies. For more information about my lab please visit my website listed above.

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