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Irena Creed, PhD

Ecosystem Science, Ecosystem Services, Global Change

Ecohydrology - Hydrology (Water Movement), Biogeochemistry (Nutrient Cycling), Phytoplankton Ecology & Physiology (with emphasis on Cyanobacteria)

Irena Creed Position:

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Watershed Sciences
Cross-appointed to: Department of Geography and Earth Sciences
NCB 444
(519) 661-4265
519 661-3935

“The places where water comes together with other water.
Those places stand out in my mind like holy places.”
― Raymond Carver, Where Water Comes Together with Other Water: Poems

I am an ecosystem scientist. I work closely with my diverse and active research group to develop conceptual models, and to develop the scientific and practical tools needed to challenge our conceptual models, to determine the consequences of human modification on Earth. My research group, together with collaborators from government, industry and an international network of scientists, study the impacts of global change (climate change, atmospheric pollution, and land use/land cover change) on ecosystem structure, function and services. We work at multiple scales, investigating how hydrology influences ecological and physiological processes in terrestrial (forest, agriculture) and aquatic ecosystems (streams, wetlands, lakes, rivers). We use contemporary techniques, including satellite- and ground-based measurements, field and laboratory experimental manipulations, and statistical and mathematical models to develop a predictive understanding of global change effects on ecosystem hydrological and biogeochemical processes and their ecological endpoints. We are focusing our research on two major watershed ecosystems: the Saskatchewan River basin that drains into Lake Winnipeg and eventually to the Arctic Ocean; and the Great Lakes-St Lawrence River basin that serves as the major hydrologic corridor to move water to the Atlantic Ocean. We also work closely with government and industry partners to translate our scientific findings into policy and management relevant tools.

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