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Training Foundation

(1)    The training method is as important as the training material. Trainees will develop a passion for learning
        through transferring the team’s passion and expertise in creative yet practical ways.

(2)    Knowledge is constructed, not delivered. Knowledge is built actively rather than received passively.
        Trainees will become open to new ways of learning through transdisciplinary, interactive discussion
        and debate.

(3)    Knowledge needs to be challenged: We offer opportunities for participants to challenge existing
        paradigms and develop new ones. Trainees will work with emerging data to evolve our understanding
        from the status quo to new paradigms.

(4)    Self-directed learning must be developed. We instill awareness that we are dealing with complex
        systems requiring commitment to continued self-directed learning. Trainees will leave the program
        with skills to develop on their own and an understanding that knowledge acquisition is a life-long journey.

(5)    Transdisciplinary thinking combined with translational tools leads to transformational solutions to society’s
        problems. We assembled teams from different disciplines and with diverse perspectives to work together
        to envision how their science can lead to positive change in communities. Trainees will learn to work in
        teams consisting of different disciplines, translate scientific findings into policy and practice and build
        capacity within communities-at-risk.