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ABI 4700


AB SCIEX TOF/TOF 5800 System

The system's fast data acquisition speed and low attomole sensitivity offer great depth of sequence coverage for confident protein detection in complex mixtures, making it ideal platform for gel spot analysis and biomarker discovery. The 5800 System is also suitable for MALDI mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) of tissue.  It provides a high sensitivity MS and MS/MS data on small molecules as well as peptides and proteins in tissues. The new MALDI source self-cleaning capabilities overcome the drawbacks of the system contamination from tissue samples and significantly increase system up-time and productivity. The instrument was funded by the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and research grants from users including NSERC Discovery Grant, CIHR Operating Grant, and CIHR Team Grant on Vascular Cognitive impairment.

AB Sciex 4700 Proteomics Discovery System

The 4700 Proteomics Discovery System is based on a MALDI tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer with TOF/TOF™ optics.  In additional to identification by peptide fingerprinting in the MS mode, this instrument can perform partial peptide sequencing of selected precusor ions after collision-induced dissocation in the MS/MS mode. This feature is extremely useful in improving the confidence in database searches, as well as identification of post-translational modifications.  The typically work flow of this system is optimized for proteomics research, particularly in delivering automated MS and MS/MS analyses at high sample throughput.  This instrument is funded by UWO Academic Development Fund to Dr. Ken Yeung and the Department of Biochemistry.

Bruker® Reflex IV Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer

The Bruker Reflex IV is a research grade MALDI TOF instrument equipped with a linear/reflectron mass analyzer and post-source decay (PSD) capability.  The built-in high resolution view finder allows users to search for “sweet-spot” in the sample, and thus enables ultra sensitive analysis at attomole level for peptides and femtomole level for proteins.  The extended mass range linear detector provides enhanced sensitivity up to m/z of 300,000. The mass resolution in reflectron mode is > 20,000.  This instrument was funded through a CFI New Opportunities grant to Dr. Ken Yeung.




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